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    I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and while with my other children I have keep the sex of the child a secret , technology is so advanced now that as soon as the midwife put the baby’s image up on the machine one couldn’t help but notice a pair of big baby balls. I said "Oh, my Gosh, that is a baby boy" I was right!!

    Anyway my question for computerland, I would like to name the baby OSCAR but I am getting a luckwarm response. I would love a few of you to tell me what you think about Oscar?

    Pablo, Diego, Hugh (my Dad’s name), Rowen are all in the running, Liliana my 5 year old put in her two cents worth when she said "you could name the baby JMascis" "’cause you like JMascis"
    JMascis did not make the final cut, sorry Liliana, :roll:



    Maybe Herbert?



    Aatos, Oh, come on you are not serious, Are you?
    I like Aatos better than Herbert, and I am not sure how to really pronounce it. Although I do know a great Rock and Roll photographer named, I am not kidding , Herb Green, I helped him with a show and he gave me an original black and white print of Janice Joplin. Herbert?



    It’s great to read that one of our F.S members is going to get an OSCAR. :lol: 8)

    Normaly I wonder why people get one but in this particular case I know why….I am an adult you know!! :wink:

    I like the name THOMAS a lot.



    …of course, naming a baby is a serious task, so you can better give him more than one name, like Rowen Hugh Oscar JMascis ;) so the decision what will be his most used name will filter out itself later.

    and the taste concerning first names is surely changing over the years, I mean, when I was at school, nobody would have thought of my last name, Jakob, as a boy’s first name, but now my sister’s son is asked frequently if Jakob is his first or last name, because it has become a quite common boy’s name here these days.

    how is Aatos pronounced? like Ahtosh? or Aitoss? or different?



    Hey, I like Hugh Oscar, and it would make my Dad happy, I think.

    Thanks, FC. My Dad spent some time in Hamburg, I have to dig up a few photos.

    Oh, and I must direct anyone who views this to go and visit the
    Creed Broken Up! Topic. Buckey’s little computer things made me laugh.



    Annastefka: I dont know, Herbert just popped up in my head. And actually i dont like it either..

    Herb Green, hehe! I wonder what his parents favourite hobby is.. :D
    Maybe Herb Green is an artistname?

    Hmm.. How is my name pronounced? Ive heard many versions especially from people outside Finland.. :)
    I guess you both know the three musketeers? One of them is Athos. You can pronounce it the same way, but leave the H away. By the way, Aatos means "thought/idea".
    My dad heard it while he was taking money from a bankautomat. Some random people who were passing by talked about someone named "Aatos".. 8)



    funny story, Aatos :lol:


    fata morgana

    Hello Annastefka, and congrats on, uh, baby boy! How about Saaros? Unless you’d prefer a more common name like Joseph?

    N.B.: Here’s a Belated Birthday Haiku:

    Happy Birthday to
    Annastefka, life, love, grace
    And Serenity.

    Little Trouble Girl



    i like oscar + i like hugh …

    … there’s nothing wrong w/herbert ! my grandpa was named frederick herbert crowe + everyone called him bert which i think is really sweet :aliensmile:



    oh, i forgot to mention that i don’t like rowan b/c that would make me think of mr.bean :o … not necessarily a good thing …



    Wow, I dug this topic up out of the deep pit. I had not looked at it since my last post. Oscar has won out in our family and the children are talking to "baby Oscar" through my tummy. I was happy to see I was pronouncing Aatos the correct way, and a great baby name story, Aatos. A beautiful Haiku from "LTG" and a thumbs up from rambleon for Hugh and Oscar. Who is Mr. Bean?

    The Spanish pronunciation is OH-Scar. English is of course more like OZ-KUR. In Spanish we call him Bay-bay Oh-Scar!!!!!

    I had a terrible day at the Dentist with two of my children, We waited 1 1/2 hours to see the Dentist ( for a simple 6 month check up and cleaning) the receptionist came to the waiting room to tell me that the childrens insurance was cancelled (according to the computer) I was so angry, I mean the payment comes straight out of my bank, finally we got the company on the phone and they said they would call me back at the dentist’s office. Another 25 min. wait and they call back and say " Oh, yes, the children are covered, sorry." Well at this point, I have waited now two hours. I put my cell phone on the counter and walked Juan Carlos back to see the Dentist. We talked for a moment and I remembered I had left my cell phone on the counter top in the waiting room. I went back out and the receptionist said she just saw someone pick it up and walk out the door but she didn’t know the person. Gosh, all of this sucks so bad. I feel better now I have vented to my husband and to freakscene.



    Mr Bean is a british comic(real name Rowan Atkinson)

    That sucks about your cell phone :(



    Mr Bean …not only popular in the UK, but also in the rest of Europe and several other countries. …the rest of the world thinks, he’s the prototype Brit :lol:

    it really sucks to lose a cell phone, and even more when it’s through theft! :slap:
    …and all the useless waiting in a dentist’s waiting room with two children isn’t something anyone would like to have deliberately :| :roll:

    but great to hear about that the new baby has his name now! :mrgreen:
    ok, give him some freakscene regards, and tell him that he’ll be welcome here! :D:D:D



    how bout Hermonious ??? p.s. i like oscar , that is a popular name in peru, i have a friend from peru named oscar.

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