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    "SG" wrote:
    It did`nt say he was wearing an Abba shirt so I knew it was`nt you :P :wink:

    Hey, I wear that ABBA shirt proudly 8)

    Seriously, the past few days people have been constantly bringing up ABBA, one way or the other… as if I wore a "I’m from Sweden so let’s talk about ABBA" shirt. If this continues for much longer I’m gonna start pretending I’m from Norway.



    If you’re going to pretend you’re norwegian you might as well start preparing a speech regarding:

    no, not every norwegian run around setting old churches on fire. except on sundays ofcourse.

    yes, I am kidding with you. good boy, you’re familiar with irony.

    yes, we do have television.

    and we’ve heard of this wonderful thing you call the internet.

    polar bears are not common in oslo.

    no, it’s not possible to just switch on aurora borealis every night.

    there are no glaciers in walking distance from the central train station in oslo.

    no I am afraid you can’t follow me home to watch my reindeers.

    the fjords are not like disney land, you don’t have to pay to see them, and they’re, like every other part of the nature, open 24 hrs a day.

    no it’s not true that norwegians love usa. in fact recent surveys have shown that norwegians probably are the most sceptical towards the us, in the whole of europe, due to your fucked up foreign policy. now please go away you ignorant fat fuck.

    robert, who’s sick and tired of horrendously stupid, unpleasant and rude american couples between 40 and 60 years old.



    Yeah, I’ll definitely be Danish instead.

    How come you have to deal with so many stupid american couples anyway?



    I live very close to Slottsparken, which is a favored place for tourists, especially americans, you know -the castle, changing of the guards etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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