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    Just thought I’d ask if anybody saw the Shepherd’s Bush (London) on Friday ???

    – It was one of the most amazing gigs I’ve ever been to man !!!!

    – Although I don’t know what exactly Bobby Gillespie was up to, throwing his Mic-stand into the crowd – PYSCHO !!!!!

    – Any comments ??????



    Yep, we have a few reviews over in the Tour forum. If you want to add yours there we would love to read it [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img]

    moving this over there too…



    Hi everyone, now i don’t want to be a kill joy and risk offending anyone (Watt fans etc), but in democratic style i’m gonna use this forum to rant. The Sheperd’s Bush gig was in no doubt totally awesome and i’ve been waiting to see J for years in England, but i don’t think i’m alone when i say that Watt + the Stooges was not exactly what i expected and felt deserved to get. Sure, it’s cool to throw in a few covers at the end of a show, but the fact is J was reduced to the shadows while Watt/Grizzley Adams massaged his ego. I recall nearly half the set was Watt’s cover band. Bring back Mike Johnson, go back to the hills Grizzley, let J be in charge. There’s a time and a place to mess around with your pals, but don’t charge £15 and advertise a J Mascis show. Anyway, there you go. Fuck it, J rocked so i’m grateful for that.



    Yeah, sticksman, you are absolutely right. I’m a big Watt and Stooges fan so I loved it, but I totally agree with what you say. For Dino/Mascis fans, it must have been quite annoying. The Stooges cover went on way too long. One or two would have been enough. I was right down the front and the whole Gillespie incident really put a downer on things, too. "Freakscene" felt like a non-event when it finally came. By the way, did anybody get a full setlist?



    i was at the gig, and i do agree with you in some sense, but i dont think u should have a go at Watt. im sure J was quite happy playing stooges covers for half the show. the thing is, they played the astoria last december which was a whole set of dino/j songs, so it was good to have a change this time. i dont think u should insult Mike Watt, he has put in a lot of effort for J and he gives his all at every gig he plays. and as for Mr Gillespie, well he was just plain stupid. he brought aggression and anger to a happy gig. idiot.



    thanks for the feedback folks, probably a bit harsh on Watt, after all he got J to record Maggotbrain etc, so point taken. Can any tell me whether they played ‘Leaving on a Jetplane’? J made some reference to ‘John’ b4 they played a cover/medley. The Wagon i thought was amazing, has breathed new life into that song for me. Did anyone spot what fret J had the capo on for Bb4yg? I play it the hard way, barre chords around G/F/C etc. Till next time!


    John Dyson

    Think you guys who saw J in London perhaps got the worse of the shows – check out the set lists for earlier gigs in Leeds/ Sheffield etc. No Stooges guy so pretty much all J/Dino stuff – including his usual covers – Just Like Heaven, Everything Flows etc.

    Unless you are a big Stooges fan sounds a bit of a waste of time to me??

    As for Bobby Gillespie I think least said the better, what Kevin Shields is doing lowering himself to be in his band I don’t know.

    Sorry if that sounds negative – anyone heard if J is playing any UK festivals yet – I had high hopes for Leeds but doesn’t look hopeful



    I went to portsmouth and london, similar sets but portsmouth was better, maybe because it was smaller. the loudest thing ive ever heard.
    I am also pretty sure kevin shields was lurking at the left of the stage, if it was him i have photos.


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