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    hey folks…’memeber a coupla weeks ago i launchedd http://www.eggwater.net

    well…..there’s a lot more content now and it’s looking a lot more slick-tastic….

    please check it out…tellyr friends etc…and offer me some feedback, links, ftps to mp3s etc etc…flash demos or whatever are much appreciated…even whole pieces of art,, photo etc…if you want to get some exposure or whatever…it’s clocked over 200 hits in 2 weeks which is kinda kool konsiderin’

    later dudes




    Looks good Adam,glad that you updated it and mentioned it here.
    My sister just saw our family doctor,his brother worked in a near building to the wtc,he did`nt go to work last tuesday because of a migraine.
    Headaches save lives I guess.



    glad yr still diggin’ it dude.

    I guess that migraine was a godsend or something (without wanting to get into any religious implications).

    off the subject…

    I worry that there’s gonna be more than a retaliation…I am essentially a pacifist so I wouldn’t like any kind of war to start let alone escalate…religion, politics, greed and selfishness is what spins this world…maybe I’m naive but I’d like to see more diplomacy involved and less anger-fuelled revenge-mongery………that’s all…anyway I’m English what what I know….

    ….back to subject…

    check out my site dudes it gonna get better…

    anyone know where i can grab about 20MB of webspace for free with no pop-up (essentially with an FTP server)??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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