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    Hey guys, haven’t really posted here since the Melbourne 2007 show.
    Missed out on a ticket to this SOLD OUT first Melbourne show but was lucky enough to get my name on the guest list thanks to the promoters.

    Sorry it’s not in order, the only errors are songs that maybe were or were not played from "Farm".

    MELBOURNE – 4th March (FIRST SHOW)

    ? I Want You To Know ?
    ? Plans ?
    Imagination Blind
    Over It
    Feel The Pain
    Get Me
    Out There
    The Wagon
    Freak Scene
    Little Fury Things
    The Lung
    Mountain Man
    Just Like Heaven

    Great show despite the fact J looked like a zombie walking out on stage and Lou said they were extremely jeg lagged, I knew it was going to be good 2nd song when The Lung seemed extended and Murph was playing so hard his glasses fell off !, incredible Mountain Man, felt like it went on forever, at one point after it had been going a while I’m not sure if Murph wanted to stop, he was looking pretty tense and stuffed up a fill, then it started to build up again and went on, it was awesome !
    Lou’s Your Weather was great as well, so was Out There, Little Fury Things, was all round an excellent show…
    Encore was Repulsion and Just Like Heaven with Lou asking at the start if the crowd wanted Forget The Swan, Sludgefeast…
    Would be an incredible 2 nights if tonight they play songs they left off You’re Living All Over Me, Bug and Beyond which I would expect !


    two reelers

    mountain man again, great !

    and dd they really play "your weather" – the 2nd lou song from farm ?


    "two reelers" wrote:
    and dd they really play "your weather" – the 2nd lou song from farm ?

    Sorry I meant Imagination Blind not Your Weather.
    And I forgot to add Thumb.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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