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    Here ya go… <img>

    Saw a thread about it the other day at Ars Technica. <img>

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    K7 Rides Again

    This is just sick!!! It’s disheartening to know that even in America, land of the free, we are not free. To tell someone they can’t put something on there license plate is BS. 1st this, then that…next thing you know, you’ve lost it all. Rights? What rights? You don’t have no stinkin’ rights! Now eat this police baton mofo!
    Oh, it’s offensive for him to have "atheist"? Is it offensive to the atheist if someone puts "fearGod" on there plates. Where does it stop? Church and state…seperate, and with good cause.
    I’m sure you’ve all seen this debate w/ intelligent design right? The IntDes. people want to say that science is faulty because it doesn’t truly explain the origins of everything. Well no shit, what does? However, at least w/ science, it leaves the door open for future explanation and understanding.
    Everytime we try to resort to some higher power, or supreme being, as an answer to all life’s questions, it ends up shitty and people get killed. The christians were killed by the Romans. Moses had to walk the desert for 40 years because of his beliefs. The crusades consisted of christians and muslims killing eachother. Look at Isreal and Palestine for crying out loud. killing eachother everyday in the name of religion.
    It seems to me that many forms of religion are quite intolerable of others and there belielfs. They don’t come right out and say it, but many religions actually preach intolerance by claiming to be the one true religion. ours is, your’s isn’t. Since your’s isn’t, you’re out. Hit the road jack!
    No offense, but mass religion doesn’t work. People always end up dying. Maybe it’s time we put down are religious beliefs of old, and tried a new appraoch to understanding our surroundings…something a little more user friendly.

    Kurticus7-100% FOR seperation of church and state!!!

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    Well, by my understanding, the license plate thing here in Florida was based on a "one complaint" basis… If even one person called the DMV and whined about a plate, they’d yank it (yeah, I know, it’s stupid.)

    So, probably, one or two ignorant folks saw it, and decided to get all crusadey on this guy.

    If you read the followup article I posted, you’ll see that they reversed it, and he gets to keep his plate, and now they’re gonna form a commitee to review complaints before making knee-jerk reactions in the future…

    Anyway, customized plates, in Florida at least, are not a right, nor a legally recognized medium of speach. They’re a fun priviledge used to generate some extra revenue. You’ll see that there are a few others on the list of banned plates, in the second article, that aren’t really offensive to all but the most twitchy of people, yet they’re still banned because of a very few who have nothing better to do with there lives…

    By the way, Kurticus, if you’re worried about your rights, you’ll definitely want to check this out!

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    K7 Rides Again

    yeah, i read all the articles b4 I said what I said. Good that they reversed the decision. And if it offends people…i don’t know…it’s just…when is enough, enough?

    It’s just f’ed up that the whole thing was ever an issue in the first place.

    One of my buddies told me last night that Bob Taft, Ohio’s governer, allocated 3 million dollars to changing all the "Welcome to Ohio" roadsigns so that they would also say "Gov. Bob Taft.". Yet, state colleges are raising tuition out the roof because the state says it doesn’t have the funding necessary to support higher education. WTF?
    At OSU for example, tuition is supposed to increase 34% over a two year period. I can think of an inappropriately invested 3 million that could help curve that increase. Last year, OSU invested $300,000 to develop a new school motto-"do something great". Yet the $400 dollar scanner in my computer lab hasn’t worked in 2 years. Why don’t they "do something great" and fix the damn scanner so we can use it?
    Here’s all these people who have the power to better our lives and yet they are complete morons. They just make decisions w/ out ever considering how it affects people.

    It’s really just out of control…which I guess was my initial point. U can’t do anything w/ out someone screaming "foul"! And then everyone takes action b4 considering the effects.

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