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    Watt just put these up!

    Good stuff!

    the kids have us back for an encore and I get on the mic and say "we were gonna have john strohm come up and do ‘severed lips’ cuz he knows the solo j recorded note for note but instead here’s the yugoslavian version of it and we call it ‘freak scene’."


    Mike Watt is just too cool, could there be a better tag team partner for Mascis…I think not!!! Odd about the 20 buck gift those kids gave Mascis….guess their hearts were in the right place but yikes.




    Unfortunately Watt stopped the diary midway through December – and skipped right to the Second Leg.
    Great reading though – I’ve enjoyed every page.



    Heh. That’s funny. At J.’s last stop in Dallas (by the way you lame Dallas losers, SCREW YOU guys for not showing up!!! DIRTY ROTTON LOSERS!!!), I noticed what Mike was smoking looked an awful lot like "Backwood Smokes." I mentioned this to my buddy, but he said, "nah, now way, those things are only a tad better than smoking petrified crap." They WERE Backwood’s. I’m going to point and laugh at my friend for this…generally make him feel like a stupid loser. Those diaries come in VERY handy.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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