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    From the mailing list this morning

    Hello fans of J Mascis, we have news!

    “Is It Done”, the second free download from J’s upcoming release Several Shades of Why (out March 15th on Sub Pop), is available today! Pitchfork.com will be posting the new track first thing this morning and Jmascis.com / subpop.com will have the download and a subpop.com exclusive pre-order offer immediately following.

    We’re getting closer to release day, so be on the look out for the full length follow-up to the “Maureen Interviews J” trailer video we sent you last month as well as new music videos and advance album streaming.

    In the meantime, be sure and check out J’s site and his artist page on subpop.com for updates and anything you might’ve missed. http://www.subpop.com/artists/j_mascis and http://jmascis.com/


    J Mascis Email Group



    Several Shades of Why cut features Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell on backing vocals




    This song speaks to me much more than the first one he dropped somehow. Liking it a lot.

    It does sound eerily reminiscent of “Grab It”, but it’s not that detracting



    anyone wanna take a crack at the correct lyrics… here’s what i’m coming up with..

    i got more i got no meat [see what i mean, wtf lol]
    i got nothing i can be
    i got things that you should see

    i went ridin’ all around
    let the past soak up the sound
    tried to picture it goin’ down

    come on away from me
    is it done

    felt a pull, i pulled away
    we got nothing, that i say
    still i feel it’s not this way

    waitin’, nothin’s going down
    can’t seem to get it off the ground
    seein’ if i come around

    come on away from me
    is it done
    or is it you?

    i know my soul is ravaged, and i know my mind is gone
    i’ve been waitin’ for an answer, but the question takes too long

    i need guidance on the women, i need everything i done
    something big is coming at me, don’t wanna blow it all at once

    come on away from me
    is it done
    or is it you?

    also wondering if he’s saying “come on and wait for me” instead of “come on away from me” or if he’s saying “is it dumb” on certain repetitions instead of “is it done”



    Second line.
    “I got nothing I couldn’t be” ???

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