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    Hello friends,
    First, I’m unsure if this kind of topic is verboten here or not. I know that there are different rules for different forums and internet discussion groups, and I don’t know if offering a guitar for sale is OK here or not. Let me know if I’ve overstepped?
    OK… pressing expenses have forced me to look at selling some things to make my bills this month. I have a guitar that was used on stage (I have no information as to whether it was used to record with) by Sebadoh. I know at least Eric played this guitar, dunno if Lou did or not. I can provide pretty detailed provenance for it, including who I am and how I came to purchase it. I’m the person who did some of the artwork for the original Deep Wound release, and it looks like at least the new UK reissue will also feature my artwork (I haven’t seen the US version yet). Thanks to J for giving me the oportunity to participate again, two decades later!
    The guitar is a Japanese strat copy and is an art object, besides being an instrument. The guitar has collage elements over most of the body and headstock (not the neck). Additionally, the guitar case has unique stickers from bands that Sebadoh played with at that time (and the SST "Corporate Rock Still Sucks" and Sebadoh stickers). If anybody’s interested (even if you have no interest in purchasing it), I’ll take some digital photos and send them along. I purchased it in the late 1980s because I wanted a guitar with a whammy bar.
    Drop me an email at Zzutak-at-aol.com if interested!

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