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    Great show tonight. i will post more about the show later, first i need some sleep.



    So again, great show last night. The venue was great, the crowd was awesome, and Dinosaur killed it.

    First the venue. The Neptune theater is located in the U district a block or so from UW. It was built in the 20’s and has been primarily used as a movie theater. A few years ago it was renovated and made into a 900 person capacity theater for concerts. The original architecture was maintained and it really is a very cool little theater for shows. The atmosphere is fantastic! You can find out more here if you’re interested http://stgpresents.org/neptune/

    Shearwater or whatever they are called were boring to me, I hung out in the lobby for most of their set.

    Dinosaur came on about 10:15 and played until 11:45. The set list was as follows:

    See it on your side
    In a jar
    Almost fare
    Start Choppin’
    Don’t pretend you didn’t know
    Watch the Corners
    Feel the pain
    What was that
    Get me
    Training ground

    Just like heaven

    The crowd was great, a good mix of young and old. Through Freakscene, and Feel the pain a good mosh pit broke out complete with a little crowd surfing.

    It took the band a little bit to warm up, but by the time they played in a jar they were money. Lou admitted to fucking up See it on your side. But after that they were a juggernaut. One of the best Dinosaur shows ive seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them through the years.

    I was fortunate to hook up with The Backstage Rider and watch the show with her. That was a highlight. But the true highlights for me last night were hearing Start Choppin’ and Get Me live. I hadn’t heard those songs live since the mid to late 90’s and with Lou and Murph they were ferrocious. I don’t think you could have wiped the smile from my face.

    All in all a great show. Can’t wait for the next one.



    Come with me was almost fare and almost fare was don’t pretend you didn’t know



    Thanks Bob, I knew I had those screwed up.



    Excellent review & thanks for the set list too! I am really hoping that a NC show is added soon 🙂
    The crowd looks pretty lively!

    Vids uploaded so far
    See It On Your Side

    Feel the Pain (camera 1)

    Feel the Pain (camera 2)



    Yeah I hope you get a show too. The set lists have been rad, but I’d still like to see a few songs from each album on the set list. Even the albums that Murph and Lou didn’t play on. I’m telling you the stuff they’ve done off Where You Been with Lou and Murph have been outstanding.



    Nicely done with the review. I concur. The non Lou/Murph Dino material played has been awesome. They look like they are having a blast playing it too.



    Don’t forget Murph was there for ‘Where You Been’. That was the first tour I saw them on when they were on Lollapalooza. When they came to Baltimore it was a 16+ show and I was 15 they probably would have let me in anyways….



    Yeah, Murph was in and out during those years. J played most of the drums on the albums at that point. And with Mike Johnson on bass things just felt different, yet still amazingly good. All I’m saying is the stuff they are playing now from that era is fucking epic live. For me its almost like seeing/hearing it for the first time gain.



    I hear you Tonas, I haven’t seen them on this tour yet, but ever since they all got back together things are just rockin’! Even J’s playing sounds a lot better than it did in the 90’s. I wonder if Noel and Tim have something to do with that. I have tickets to three shows between October and November. I live in Baltimore and they don’t have a show scheduled here. I hope they come around here next year.




    enjoyed the show. maybe the 10’th time Ive seen Dino Jr. .. The Songs seemed kind of subdued at first and then later in the set started really rocking. the gargoyle was quite memorable… The new album art is some of the best yet! i especially liked the exclusive Neptune theater posters with the freaky tits lady. i have it hanging in my bedroom, and it cracks me up every-time I see it. I fell on my bike riding home so it got kind of smashed. I don’t know why Tonas ripped on Shearwater. Their sound was great. I enjoyed it. what was the name of the Deep wound song>?



    Training Ground is the Deep Wound song. Don’t get me wrong, Shearwater was good in their own right, just not my cup of tea.

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