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    I have a setlist….but i left it in my buddy’s car.

    from what i remember

    bulbs of passion
    umm….(now in no particular order)
    does it float
    yeah we know
    little fury things
    in a jar
    forget the swan

    just like heaven
    mountain man

    i might be missing some. i will get my setlist and post it in later.

    the highlight of the night for me was raisans, kracked and forget the swan. forget the swan kind of turned into a little jam which was pretty cool. the sound was great albeit insanely loud! I had earplus and it was perfect, but every once in a while I had to take them out for the full effect.

    lwhat was especially a treat was seeing how tight lou and murph were. they really give everything they can in my opinion. lou was posessed!

    must sleep….more later.




    Hey I was there too, I talked with you before the show a little, hope the B.C show is as great as the Seattle one was. I ended up with J’s set list, and one of his purple "baked goods" picks. I hear there is a green one too which would be nice to have as well. I ended up meeting J after the show and finally got my last autograph to complete the trifecta! Its already framed with the setlist and is now my most prized possession. Let me know how the B.C. show goes, I also met the guy who runs, him and another couple were there that met Dinosaur Jr. in Vegas and have followed them up for the west coast part of the tour. They said they’ve seen 7 shows in 8 nights, needless to say I jealous as hell. He said he had some new bootlegs that should be posted by Wednesday, he was flying back to Virginia today. Talk to you later



    the set list was as follows,
    1. Quest
    2. Raisans
    3. Bulbs of Passion
    4. Gargoyle
    5. Little Fury Things
    6. Does It Float
    7. Yeah We Know
    8. Forget the Swan
    9. Kracked
    10. In a Jar
    11. The Lung
    12. Sludgefeast

    1st Encore

    13. Just Like Heaven
    14. Freake Scene

    2nd Encore (They had a choice between Mountain Man or Chunks….)

    15. Mountain Man
    16. Chunks (They played both!)

    I just hope someone got a bootleg. I though the show was going to be filmed for a DVD but I didn’t see any cameras…..
    Â Â



    Wow, how did you end up meeting J? I was standing around after the set but it looked like only 2 or 3 people were waiting by the dressing room, talking to the security lady and I just assumed they were her friends rather than fans looking for an autograph, etc. The staff started telling people to leave so I left. :( I should have came and said hi to you guys.

    I wanted to get a Chant for Amma CD but they were all sold out after the show.

    On the bright side – it was a great show, I took some pics, even grabbed a set list, and I did make a recording but I don’t know if it will be any good due to the volume and the slam dancers knocking into me. I haven’t listened to it at all yet.



    hey tonas! nice to meet you at the show! I have passes for tonight and was invited to go down early for soundcheck. I will send you a setlist in the mail (or at least a photocopy of one). all of my friends here have asked me to score them guitar picks so it might be hard to satisfy everyone. i willl send you the green one if i get one though (or one that you don’t have). i suspect i’ll have a bit of time to kindly ask for a green one specifically for you. i will be there for a good part of the day.

    take care!

    ps- i will notify you when i send it in the mail.



    I may have seen you there Dave. Were you on the corner of the stage on Lou’s side. I saw a guy in a motorhead shirt who was fairly tall with shoulder length hair.

    I was right in front of Murph, second from the front right behind a couple that were shorter than me. I wore earplugs through the opening bands but took them out after the 4th or so Dino song. I think it was barable because I was in front of Murph rather than infront of J or Lou’s stacks. J’s vocals sounded great and were totally audible. Lou and Murph seemed kind of played out and exhausted until about the 4th song and then all of a sudden this rush of energy hit them and they were possessed and played awesomely. An incredible experience.



    that was me in the motorhead shirt (getting drunk in the green room before the show). hahaha.

    i’m just about to go down to the commodore. if you’re there look for the guy in the black fugazi shirt and say hello.




    I got there early, and watched them unload, rather than wait by the dressing room I opted to stay by the tour bus (I figured there were more than just one way out of the Showbox but only one way into the Bus). I may have seen you too, I stood directly in front of J, I wear glasses and have short hair. I had a good view of everyone in the front row (up against the stage).

    D. Hope the show is good, a set list and a green pick would be awesome! Thanks a bunch in advance, its cool when Dino fans hook each other up. Post a review of tonights show so I can read about it. Maybe they’ll play some songs they didn’t in Seattle like Pond Song, The Leper, Repulsion, Post or They Always Come. Those would have been awesome to see too.

    Later Â



    nice meeting you too tonas. that was a cool show in seattle. Also, nice meeting OSX in San francisco back stage.

    i’m back in maryland now, after 7 dino shows in 8 days. i need rest, and lots of it.



    Glad to see you had a good trip back. I’ll be checking out your site for more bootlegs soon. Hope there are some good ones. I’m still jealous as hell you got to see 7 Dino shows in 8 days. Talk to you later

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