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    Witch will be performing at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon as part of the TeePee Records Showcase.

    J Plays drums in the band which also features some 2 members of Feathers. J has described the band as
    "Sabbath light"

    what a cool fuking name for a band



    yeah its a good name for a band …until…
    you google it as i did a while ago and all these pages came up when some metal kid asked someone on the web: " *witch* band is cooler-sabbath or maiden"
    s 8)



    maybe theyll have to change their name like dinosaur did .. i dunno call it little witch , or witch jr… … then maybe they could rock a cover of am i evil ?


    my name is lisa

    I’d like to see this band… they should come to CT.
    listening to Cornucopia 8)



    Looks like Teepee records will have some music up by Witch in the near future. They’re gonna start recording the album in October, wonder if J’s got his studio up & running… 8)

    Tee Pee Records has signed Witch, featuring J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. on drums alongside members of Feathers. Witch will record their debut record beginning on October 10th with John Angello (Dinosaur Jr., Early Man, Screaming Trees, Lamb of God) at the helm.

    Check back soon for more information and music samples!



    im excited for that, hope they tour



    where’s a good spot to find recordings of Feathers? I am having trouble finding them on the net>… thanks. i am syure the rock..!!@#

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