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    Got some VERY cool news from George:

    Just a couple of things that I wanted to float that may warrant some mention on the site. My band, Sea of Cortez, is going to opening a few of J’s acoustic shows. I think that we are doing the Brooklyn, Philly and Baltimore shows. I do believe I mentioned this project to you in either Charlotte of Chapell Hill. We did some recording up at Bob’s place and are currently trying to find a propper label to let us finish the damn thing and get out to the multitudes.

    Recently, I’ve also been doing some gigs with another long time, Western Mass. outfit, New Radiant Storm King. In fact, Matt from Storm King, is also in Sea of Cortez. (Our music scene is so incestuous!) We’ll be doing a gig on March 16th at the SXSW festival down in Austin, TX. So basically, that’s whats been keeping me busy as of late. J just mentioned the possibility of us doing a Fog show in Spain, sometime in May, but that is yet to be confirmed.
    </font><hr></blockquote><font>WOW WOW WOW <img> You lucky bastridges anywhere near the area better share some stories/recordings/pics with the rest of us <img>

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    do not worry. documentation will be real.



    Hey AnthonyG,

    So your one of the lucky so and so’s that gets to see two shows(?) not only J but George as well, too cool!!!

    Glad to hear documentation will be real, looking forward to it in a huge way <img>

    Frozen in Canada <img> <img> <img>

    Allison <img>



    yeah me and my friends are stoked. philly and baltimore. CAN NOT WAIT. hope he’s toting the cowboy hat.



    New Radiant Storm King is a good band;heard a couple of songs from them before,that`s cool that one of them plays in Sea Of Cortez.



    sea of cortez is defenitely playing at the north star in philly. i dont know anything about these guys. george on drums ? any one ever been to the North Star ?



    Sea of Cortez is a band that I’ve been playing with for a few years. They were very patient while I was off doing the Fog tours, but the time has come to kick it once again. Foremost, I’d like to extend my thanks to J for having us on the bill.
    Those of you at the Brooklyn show will get to see the expanded line-up of the band. We’d love to bring everyone to the other two shows, but it’s logistically impossible. After all, we are a Brooklyn based band. The line-up is as follows:

    Dave Reid – vocals, guitar
    George Berz – drums
    Matt Hunter – guitar, vocals
    Rick Morse – pedal steel, dobro
    Torben Pastore – bass, vocals
    Lyle Beers* – keyboards
    Dianne Stockwell* – violin
    Frank Heer* – cello

    *these are at the Brooklyn show only.

    This band is a lot more reserved and definitely quieter than what I do with J, but the songs are good, and everyone in the band is a top notch player. I hope ya’ll dig it.


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    Have fun all with the J Gigs & Sea of Gortez
    It sounds great
    & Anthony looking forward 2 yr videos <img>

    Hey George cant u come to holland with Sea of Gotez next time J is playing here of only with that band, I would love to see them live

    Is there any place where we can listen to some songs?


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    Where in Austin will you be playing Jeremiah?



    Hey Stephanie,

    Welcome to the boards, always cool to have another female around!!!

    Here’s some info on SXSW, think George Berz is playing with New Radiant Storm King at a show on the 16th


    Allison <img>

    ps BIG THANKS to George for the cool info, no doubt any of you who see the shows are in for a REAL BIG THRILL!!!!

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    Thanks Allison,

    Looks like I have some shows to go and see. I keep forgetting SXSW is coming up here <img>



    Hey Stephanie

    Welcome here on the boards <img>

    Have fun at the shows & hopefully u come back here with some cool reviews & maybe some cool pics, always appreciated <img>




    George: </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font> J just mentioned the possibility of us doing a Fog show in Spain, sometime in May, but that is yet to be confirmed </font><hr></blockquote><font>WOO,WOO.

    J is might come to Europe, I cross my fingers that he will do that. How about coming to Hultsfred festival in Sweden 15-17 of June? That’d be so cool, or doing a show in Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm…. <img>


    ham steak

    What’s up with NRSK as of late? I heard they had a new album out. Is it domestic or import? Are you on it?



    Hammy, Yes, it’s true. New Radiant Storm King has a new album coming out. I think that it’s available in Europe already, but it won’t be out in the U.S. until sometime in April. The name of the album is "Winter’s Kill", and no, I don’t play on this one. Their old drummer bailed on ’em just recently, and in comes good ole GB to save the day, HA HA! Anyway, the new record is on a label called Rainbow Quartz. The catalog number is RQTZ 059. Their web address is: http://www.rainbowquartz.com. Objectively, I think that the record is great. It’s consistent with the songwritning that you would expect from Peyton and Matt, but there are some cool production things going on. Ya’ll should check it out! <img> <img> <img> <img> <img>

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