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    I hear every letter I type and all content is read out, with the exception of graphics, well hi, it’s good to be here. If I’ve been somehow dumb or inappropriate or strange, just started a new med which just before was spinning me out so much I thought I was about to have a brain hemerage, hence the scared subject line, but O.K. now,




    Now I really feel like a dick, most of that didn’t post, so you got this strange thing about my screen reading program with nothing else before it, sorry. I can’t remember it all but… I wondered if I had the right to be here given I’ve only known about J since 94 and still haven’t heard some recordings, needing to import them to my native Australia. When you put it that way it sounds exotic, not as boring as it actually is. Anyway what I lack in experience I more than make up for in passion, hmmm. At that point I was thinking how multiply true that was. Anyway I raise two children by myself, have always been blind and have been studying for a Welfare Diploma, but have taken the year off to spend time and work with my son who has language/social issues. I’m bored out of my mind but according to proffesionals I make a great Mummy speech therapist/social trainer. I also write poetry and have had some stuff published in poetry journals and I hope to publish a book as soon as I can manage it. It’s mostly depressing and miserable which freaks some people out who know me personally and fret for my sanity, but it’s all O.K. As to why I love J’s music it’s because "he tells it" no, well maybe, but I think it’s in part because the music elicits an emotional response from me, a rare thing, and I’m sucked into caring about the person/situation/feelings recounted, even when I don’t personally relate. yYou all know how hard it can seem to find "real" people, and how J’s integrity and unique talent makes him special, and so do I, and of course "it rocks," had to write that. So I’ve liked the music since chancing upon a track on triple J and stopping to listen, right now it’s a sanity saver and I get to smile and stuff. Sorry again for the first fuck-up, hope you read on and got the alternative version, if you did, thanks,




    hEY Ash Raven

    Welcome here on this board

    We have a Poetry topic here
    would be nice to read some of yr poems

    Have a great time



    Welcome To The Boards! <img>



    Hi Ash Raven welcome to the boards!…interested in your poetry too… <img>



    Hey Ash Raven

    If u want to share some poems, u can place them here

    Would really love to read some of them
    But only if u want it of course



    Hello Ash Raven. Hope you post more than this. Don’t worry too much about your "J-factor" I’ve only known about him since 98 or 99.

    I really hope I don’t put you off by this, but are you male or female? I don’t want to seem offensive, but the name to me seems to be androgynis.

    I’m the resident third leg here around the board. And I can tell you the people here are nice. J’s music has affected a wide variety of people, the only common thread being a general sense of openness and acceptence. As a person who is self described as being "socially retarded", retarded here being the true definition (slow), I can say these folks will put up with about anything. In short, I hope you stick around and get to know us.



    Hey people, thanks for the welcome, made me smile and pace around the house a lot, something I do when happy or the opposite, but in this case it was definitely a good thing. I, umm posted some poetry, or should I say I sort of lost all sense of perspective and couldn’t decide what to post and what not to and sort of sent more than I had originally planned. I’m wondering if anyone can bring themselves to read all that, but I hope you find what you read interesting. As for being "socially retarded" yeah, I’m there; I also have a "learning disability" of sorts that sometimes leads to me missing things that seem obvious to other people, you could call it "social naivety," though I now cover it well." I have problems with planning and complex attention tasks, doesn’t that sound cool? I score really really well in everything else if that counts, I’m babbling, enough now. I’m really pleased to be here, just sorry it took this long, I plan on sticking around,

    oh, and I’m not at all offended, it’s rather a compliment actually, I’m female,

    Ash Raven.



    Hey Ash,

    Like everyone said welcome aboard <img> Definitely agree about J’s music being a sanity saver, think many here feel the same way.

    Sounds like your doing a great job with your son, big congrats on that. I work with adolescents/children many of whom have learning disorders and other issues so I know how hard that can be, but at least I get to go home and leave it behind. Hope your taking time for yourself as well, keeping things balanced is always a good plan…god I sound like a libra <img> Not sure how your screen reading program works but wanted to leave a link to a really good site about learning disorders,… Misunderstood Minds . You can either click on the link or type in http://www.pbs.org/wbgh/misunderstoodminds/intro.html

    Glad you’re feeling comfortable here, looking forward to hearing from you about all things J and everything in between.

    Take Care,


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