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    this band opened up for dinosaur jr in san fransisco in 1994 at the kennel club

    you can read about the experience here :

    Posted: Tue Feb 08, 2005 6:06 pm Post subject: oh i forgot…

    way back in the day (right after "soar" came out i believe) j mascis personally invited samiam to open for dinosaur jr at the kennel club in sf. it was only a medium sized venue (350-400 ppl.) but back then dinosaur jr was one of only a handful of indie bands that could sell out clubs of that ilk. typically, i remember bands like primus filling up the kennel club.

    anyways we were super stoked.

    it was funny. sergie’s and my parents showed up with their significant others. they never came to our shows but we were happy at least that the one time they did it was at a packed club. (our mom was impressed but our dad grumbled that nobody in our generation liked to "dance." I think he would’ve been more stoked if kc and the sunshine band were on the bill.)

    samiam opened with the instrumental song from soar and it was amazing… but the sound sucked and the rest of the set was problematic. bummer.

    we thought maybe j would come over and say hi but he just kinda hid in their tiny dressing room. oh well… you never really want to meet your heros do you? they’ll only disappoint you in the flesh.

    sergie still has the back stage pass from that show in his living room. : )


    fata morgana

    One line in there makes me chuckle :lol: :?






    hey, anyone got any live Samiam ? video ? audio ?
    anything ?

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