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    Mix of acoustic songs:

    Buffalo Tom-Butterscotch
    J Mascis-The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
    Eric`s Trip-Behind The Garage
    Freakwater-Little Black Train
    Palace Brothers-No More Workhorse Blues
    Posies-You Avoid Parties
    Sonic Youth-Winner`s Blues
    Lois-February 15
    Elliot Smith-Tomorrow Tomorrow
    Kristin Hersh-Pale
    Superchunk-Throwing Things
    Mountain Goats-Family Happiness
    Scud Mountain Boys-Liquor Store
    Nick Drake-Road
    Lucinda Williams-Which Will
    Richard Thompson-Devonside
    Silkworm-Goodnight Mr Maugham
    Son Volt-Too Early


    Bucky Ramone

    Unplugged Salami tastes nice! <img>



    unplugged, well i rather liked, my drug buddy song by, umm, e. dando and j. hatfield.
    and a i am so pissed!!! at YOU zombie because i was trying to muster the courage to request j play the boy with the thorn in his side!!!!!!!when i see him at the skinny in portland later this month.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it was supposed to be a secret, no matter,i will not hold a grudge, i will not be able to do more than squeek anyway.
    back to topic, gazebo tree by k. hersh, sh#t, anything kristin does unplugged is a’ight w/me.
    and yes i am soooo lame but this was from a long, loooong time ago, natalie mechant alone(but she was in 10,000 maniacs at the time) on piano singing that tea on the lawn song, she was lovely, it was beautiful.
    my my hey hey, n. young, imagine n. young, i could go on…
    i have not mentioned kiss me on the bus or other stuff by the replacements, yes unplugged, yep.
    ok just one more, driver 8 by rem, brilliant, really.
    i am making myself stop ‘memberin’ now, all this acoutic stuff is takin’ me back.
    sunday bloody sunday, i t’ink i oughtta go plug in or somethin’.



    Hey Sars
    Sorry about putting that Smiths cover on there,I was going to pick another song but that cover is so good I stuck it in there.
    I was going to put Here Comes A Regular by the Replacements but forgot,maybe I`ll do a vol 2.
    I like Natalie Merchant too,but I did`nt like that incident with Bettie Serveert,she threw them off her tour for being too loud <img>
    REM,if I had a acoustic version of Rockville that would be way cool with me <img>
    I talked to Kristin Hersh last year on her site,she said "thank you Salami" <img>
    Neil,maybe I`ll include him on vol 2,Thrasher is my fav song by him.



    Vol 2:

    Guided By Voices-Tropical Robots
    Buffalo Tom-Heaven
    Bettie Serveert-Silent Spring
    Breeders-Still In Love With You
    Replacements-Here Comes A Regular
    Neil Young-Thrasher
    Bob Dylan-Chimes Of Freedom
    Townes Van Zandt-Tower Song
    Hope Sandoval-Suzanne
    Vic Chesnutt-See You Around
    Neil Halstead-Martha`s Mantra
    Neutral Milk Hotel-Two Headed Boy
    Red House Painters-Golden
    Lucinda Williams-Nothin In Ramblin
    Gillian Welch-April 14th Part 1
    J Mascis-Hickory Wind
    PJ Harvey-Plants And Rags
    Kristin Hersh-Houdini Blues
    Nick Drake-From The Morning



    Vol 3:
    Golden Smog-Please Tell My Brothers
    Eric`s Trip-Sand
    Throwing Muses-Delicate Cutters
    Mojave 3-Yer Feet
    Richard Buckner-Raze
    Nick Drake-Parasite
    Broken Girl-Dance Music
    Mark Olson-Nerstrand Woods
    Buffalo Tom-The Spider And The Fly
    Caitlin Cary-Fireworks
    Freakwater-Burying Geraldine
    Vic Chesnutt-Taragon
    Uncle Tupelo-Black Eye
    Silkworm-Miracle Mile
    Palace Brothers-Pushkin
    Incredible String Band-Witches Hat
    Richard Thompson-From Galway To Graceland


    Bucky Ramone

    Very cool mix SG, love that Richard Thompson song…



    Yeah,it`s problably one of my fav Elvis related songs,I used the version from the Watching The Dark compilation.

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