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    I kind of guessed this anyway and it doesn’t matter since I like J’s music a lot more than what he or Mark Lanegan do. Check this out (I feel bad for posting this without the authors permission)

    this is from someone on the built to spill board who is apparently friends with Mike and talking about a recent Caustic Resin show where he looked like a robot on stage.

    "I’m friends with Mike Johnson. He lives off Dinosaur Jr. royalties. He’s fed up with music and should probably quit. He also needs to quit smoking pot while he’s on anti-depressants. "

    "Mike is a severely depressed person. Jaded, cynical and hates the music business. (my kind of guy) Here’s another little fun-fact for you, he never liked Dinosaur Jr’s music.

    And it’s okay to feel bad for them. They can’t change their style of music, it’s their voice, and when somebody is a real artist, musician, writer, etc. they have no choice but to do it whether it’s going swimmingly or poorly."



    hey bob, thanks a lot for the insights, looks like it’s for a big part the personal opinion of someone who probably knows (but doesn’t like) Mike Johnson :? :?:

    As Mike Johnson’s solo works differ much from anything he has done with Dino, I always thought his personal musical focus was somewhere not so close to Dino…
    Anyhow, he did a great job there in studio as well as on stage, but anything concerning the music has been determined by J, so Mike might rather prefer to do his own thing.

    but Mike Johnson always appeared to be self-confident enough to accept these ‘roles’ in Dinosaur Jr, also, when J contributed to Mike’s solo album ‘Year Of Mondays’, they easily switched these roles: from an interview ’96

    Johnson denies that either of them felt odd about the division of authority on Mondays. "Oh no, not at all," he insists. "We’ve recorded stuff before together where it was my stuff, and we have a pretty good understanding of where each other is coming from."

    In the same interview Mike Johnson kinda said that Dino wasn’t his main thing, although he didn’t say it in a negative way:

    "To me, it’s all music, so I enjoy all aspects of it. In a way, it can be a relief to do things where it’s not all you. The thing that’s most important to me is doing my own thing, but I’ve never had a problem with being a supporting musician as well."

    or this chat transcription:

    (SONIC HOST) Were you a Dino fan before joining them?
    (MIKE JOHNSON) Not really.

    Mike Johnson about the Dino albums: (e-wire interview ’96)

    How do you think it [Hand it Over] compares to the other stuff?
    I think it’s the best. Actually, for me it’s the one I would listen to because I burned out on You’re Living All Over Me before I joined the band, I probably listened to it too much. I didn’t like Bug. Yeah, this one seems like the best one to me since You’re Living All Over Me, easily. Where You Been is a good one and I liked the last one, too. No critics did, but I did.

    Mike Johnson about ‘depression’: (another interview ’96)

    "I like sad songs," he says. "I like sad movies. I was just born with this bent. Sadness hits me as real and genuine and I trust it more.

    so I don’t think everything what the guy said is completely wrong, but on the other hand it’s probably, hm, a bit negative/biased/overplayed :?



    Do you think Mike was lying about listening to YLAOM before joining Dino? I would imagine that he would like WIthout A Sound since he contributed a lot and it’s sort of mature and melancholy.

    I don’t think that Mike felt tortured playing the music on stage and I imagine that he and J are/were prety good friends. Ear splitting distortion is probably just not his main thing. Much more of a low key kind of guy. I wonder how he feels about caustic resin since they are also soemthing of a loud, extended solos kind of band.

    I read a Mike Johnson interview where he was definetly depressed. Sort of life isn’t worth living type of thing. I’ll try find it.



    reading interviews with Mike Johnson he always appeared to be honest, maybe polite/diplomatic in some instances, but not a liar — so I buy the YLAOM remark :P

    maybe this quote? (Strobe magazine interview ’96)

    "When I was younger and in a punk rock band, the idea of depression seemed like a more viable thing to put in a song," says Mike Johnson in a recent phone interview from Seattle. "Now that I’m older, depression bothers me in a different way. It’s not expressed in anger- it’s more inward, less outward."


    i think creative people have a tendency to be depressed – more so than non-creative types …

    j + mike’s common depression/cynical attitude towards life must have helped them be friends and successful bandmates b/c they knew where eachother was coming from … + i can’t really see j wanting to be in a band w/someone who was v.bubbly

    … as far as mike saying that he didn’t like dinosaur jr’s music … i’m sure a more accurate statement would be that he prefers writing and playing his own music and dinosaur jr was more to do w/j’s style than his own …



    yeah… depression is a vehicle for picking up the guitar, and eventually there will come songs out of it.

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