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    Here’s a list of songs from the October 26, 2002 show at the Roxy Theater in L.A:

    Someone Said; Flying Cloud; Get Me; Quest; Thumb; Blowin’ It; Everybody Lets Me Down; The Wagon; Every Mother’s Son; The Blob; Alone; Repulsion; Little Fury Things;

    Bassist and drummer of Cobra Verde joined J midway through this song:

    That’s How It’s Got To Be

    And on this song:


    Watt took over for the bassist for the rest of the show, consisting of these songs:

    Freak Scene

    It was an excelllent show, of course, featuring a small crowd of die hards. J seemed more inspired than during his last solo show at the Troubadour. "Quest" and "Alone" were standout, dynamic solo songs, full of intense guitar energy. My wife thought "Ammaring" was particularly fine. He seemed to pick up his energy upon Watt’s arrival. Watt looked a bit nervous and shaky at first (most unusual for Watt), but he quickly got his freak scene on. "Ammaring" featured the best wonderful J noodling, totally long, ripppin’ solo. "Freak Scene" was very high energy.

    I can’t wait for the next show!



    Watt played bass <img>

    Thanks for the review and set list, appreciate it!!!

    Allison <img>



    wow, Watt joined J on stage in LA, now that must have been great, indeed <img>
    Thanks a lot for the review & set list, David <img>


    Bucky Ramone

    Thanks for the review, David!

    Watt on bass…. <img>

    ps. I posted the review (and it’s source) on the Mike Watt mailing list as well……



    watt rocks !!!



    It was an amazing show… The "freakscene" ending was nothing short of just raw amazing energy.. I seriously could not fall asleep until 2 AM, at least an hour after I got home.. And having Watt rip it up never hurts, either…

    Ammaring was incredible…

    I seriously thought the arms of the drummer from Cobra Verde were going to fall off as J was tuning his electric at the beginning of freedom. They just kept repeating the beginning of freedom, for what seemed like 5 minutes… He looked like he was in a great deal of pain..

    The CV set was another high energy set..But, for me, I was a little disappointed.. However, not disappointed enough not to see them again..

    Flupejac rocked.. I was very impressed with them. A great deal of energy.. I got to speak with the lead singer (Chris) and bassist from Flupejac in between CV and J.. Very cool guys, in fact, the bassist went out to his truck to get some EP’s when I wanted one.. Very cool.. Nice guys, too.. The lead singer/guitarist looks like one mean mo-fo.. The bass player looks like someone who wants to grow his out hair, but his day job won’t let him. <img> .. then the drummer looks like a clean cut guy.. Very ecletic looking bunch, but the songs live rocked..

    A much better show than at the Troubador… (Maybe the fact that it was not 100 degress F inside the Roxy, as it was in the troubadour helpoed me enjoy it more, as well).. J has a lot of energy on this leg of this tour..

    Your opinions may vary..


    <small>[ 10-27-2002, 03:41 PM: Message edited by: Carl. ]</small>



    Thanks David and Carl for the reviews and setlist <img>



    thanks very much for the show reports—very cool that watt played!



    I attended the show at the Roxy too. The electric set kicked ass, though short and sweet. And of course we love those acoustic sets too. But the loud stuff was impeccable…I wanted more but I know they could only do so much. Small crowd, but fun and supportive. It almost felt like a private show. J is the man. He’s so cool…but I wish he would smile more. He sort of half smirked when Watt came out on stage. It was awesome.



    yeah that show was tight. i got some photos if anyone is interested. i would post them but i’m not sure how.



    heres the link to the roxy pics



    Thank U all for the great Reviews
    & Vic, thanks for the beautiful pics



    hey vic, these pics are great, thanks a lot for sharing them <img> seems, you were standing in a good spot <img>
    It’s the show, when the gallbladder attack started, btw <img>



    Great pics Vic, Thanks <img>

    Watt looks great, got that frosty thing going on <img>


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