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    J…Its been awhile..I saw you on letterman years ago and was glad to hear of your success.

    You probably dont remember me but my name is Tom Gravel. We use to ski at Round Top Mountain. My parents taught skiing there and I use to hang out with you and Mike and Lisa.
    My sisters name was Kim.

    Just wanted to say "hey" and congratulations on your musical success. Actually my band tried to cover a few things off your first album, but never could quite get it right [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    I was listening to WAAF this morning and heard you on the radio doing an unplugged thing called Wasted..Sounded real good. I’ll definately pick up the new cd.

    Wanted to contact you years ago when I heard you had a band but I never did. I’ve been playing all my life..Have a band called the Morticians..been playing together for 16 years, but my job has unfortuantely taken over my life and the musci thing has taken a back seat

    ..Life has away of doing that..slipping away if you know what I mean.I dunno maybe someday we’ll get it back.

    Anyways just wanted to say "hey"..I plan to go and see your band sometime when I can, maybe we can have a beer and talk about old times…Dude I’ll never forget the scream you let out when you broke your legs that day skiing. Probably a memory you’d rather forget Im sure.

    Anyway…Ive got a couple of box’s of "tapes" from my band over the last 20 years along with a alot of original stuff..maybe someday you’d like to listen to some of it, your welcome to use any of it for your band.

    good Luck and hope to hear you soon

    Tom Gravel



    Hey Tom, was going to foward this to J but your email address is bogus. You need to update your profile with the correct one.



    Jeremiah..I updated my profile if you could fwd my post to J that would be great..

    Thanks if you can.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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