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    well, the geniuses at Rolling Stone magazine recently published there top 100 guitarists of all time. and, of course, the list is completely out of wack. first of all, J is not even listed, which leads me to beleive that the people at rolling stone probably just threw this list together off the top of there heads without much research. i agree with a lot of the guitarists who made their top 100, but the list is wildly out of order. although i was surprised and happy to see lee renaldo, thurston moore, kevin shields, greg ginn and a few other guitarists i like on the list, i dont believe any of them are a better guitar player than J. in case you havent seen the list yet, let me give you an example of their fine, ha, work. now im a HUGE nirvana fan, but the list put kurt cobain at #12, ahead of jeff beck, carlos santana, and a bunch of other guys who are way better guitar players. just reading this list but me in a bad mood, just goes to show rolling stone still confuses greatness with album sales :x



    I completely agree. What was with jack white being so high…or being on there at all. He’s good guitarist, but top 200 ever? I too was happy and surprised to see renaldo, moore and sheilds on there. Besides J, someone else I thought should have been on the list was Doug Martsch from Built to Spill.



    I have`nt seen the complete list but from the bits I`ve heard it sounds like a crazy list.
    -No J :slap:
    -Jack White is as good as 100 other indie rock guitarists
    -Joan Jett and Joni Mitchell were the only women on the list;good to see Joni there but Joan Jett :? Suzi Gardner(L7),Kristin Hersh,or Juliana Hatfield are all better guitarists than Ms Jett.
    -I bet their jazz and blues picks are whack :P
    -Kurt Cobain at #12 :? Kurt himself would choose J and Curt Kirkwood(Meat Puppets) over himself



    I’ve always thought Rolling Stone magazine had very competent people writing. I really have to ask where their integrity is when there’s no J Mascis on the list. Is it because he sells less then the others? what the hell is that about? do they make the list from a commersial point of view?



    simmons: That list wouldn’t be so interesting for most of the readers if there would be the "best"(technically best) guitarist. But when there is guitarists from popular bands it satisfies the fanmasses… They should rename the list to "most popular" guitarists..




    saw that issue too; what a bunch of crap. I could think of at least seven guitarists, offhand, that were erroneously shafted.

    like sg said…Joan Jett, but no J? what the fuck.

    I remember checking the article to see who was responsible for compiling the list, and the credit went to the ‘editors at Rolling Stone’, exclusively. you know those magazine editors, always the most cultured arbiters of talent. even VH1 polls other musicians (albeit not the widest variety) to compile their ‘best of’ lists.

    I just read an interview with PJ O’Rourke in which he explained that part of the reason he no longer writes for RS is that all the editors he liked have been fired or ‘let go.’ he also described RS as basically turning into Maxim magazine over the past few years :P



    j masics is god!!!! where is django, too???



    No Django! :x :slap: :evil:



    it’s a bummer that j also missed out being listed in mojo’s 100 greatest guitar albums :( … but at least i agreed w/most of the albums they did include (sonic youth-evol … pixies-surfer rosa … my bloody valentine-loveless … radiohead-the bends … etc)



    J was listed in MOJO a while back as one of the 100 greatest guitarists but I gues he doesn’t play his guitar on a great album.



    i guess not :roll:



    we have a thread discussing MOJO’s greatest guitar albums & their confusion over greatest guitar players…

    here, in open topic

    I don’t know how Rolling Stone can continue to call itself a music magazine, it’s more like a watered down people mag. They do have some cool J stuff on their site though, the Rolling Stone Sessions :aliensmile:

    Joan Jett :roll: :shock: :?



    yeah, j did those rolling stone sessions too, so its not like hes unknown to them. i guess not selling millions of albums is a big turnoff to rolling stone. im surprised they didnt throw eminem in the 100 greatest guitarists. he doesnt play guitar, but it would have sold a few more issues



    i was happy for d boon..but no j or curt kirkwood…

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