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    Been There All The Time
    Imagination Blind
    The Wagon
    I Want You To Know
    Get Me
    Feel The Pain
    Little Fury Things
    Forget The Swan
    I Don’t Wanna Go There

    E:Just Like Heaven/Chunks

    The seamless transition from the Love growl in Just Like Heaven into a blistering Chunks made the night for me. It was all perfect, but this was the upper most topper most top of it all.

    I was surprised by how great Js voice sounded. Not to mention Lou, I was kinda hoping for more Lou songs just to hear him sing. Imagination Blind kicked the proverbial ass. And then some.

    I was so excited after the concert that I couldn’t sleep, so it’s been a hard day at work and I shan’t try to describe it any further than saying they’re quite possibly the best guys out there right now. Of course we’ve been saying this for the last 25 years or so, but this time it’s for real. For the second time in their career.

    I could mention that something physical happened to me during Imagination Blind and that it stayed that way during the entire concert, but I’ll best drop it.



    I completely agree! A brilliant concert… Here’s a review (in Norwegian) and some photos.

    Robert nailed the setlist. The new songs sounded brilliant and fresh, especially Imagination Blind. It seemed like J was on insane guitar solos the entire evening. Lou made some funny remarks about the backdrop (Farm cover art), and said that they’re presently touring their new backdrop. He also introduced Forget The Swan by saying it’s from their first album, which came out in 1985, "the year hardcore died! … for us."



    Did my ears trick me or was Js response to Murphs drumming inbetween two songs towards the end(can’t remember which,)
    We’re teaching Murph the Dischord sound :?:



    hmm… i think something was said during that break when lou and murph were messing around, but i didn’t catch it. my ears were (thankfully) plugged, so that’s probably why i couldn’t make it out. where were you in the crowd, robert?



    The guys and girls I were at the show with didn’t quite catch it either, but the common consensus is that he said something to that effect.
    At first I was front right, by Get Me more or less smack in front of the stage.
    Did my earplugs pull a trick on me or was the sound really good ?



    Robert…I’m so happy for you. I sort of wish several of us from Freakscene could see a show together…Norway would be nice…this time of the year….I mean August is your snow free month correct?

    We could have a little akvavit, a little fiskeballer soup…put on a little "Green Mind" and then I could do a little knitting by the fire while you braved the cold and chopped up more wood to take us through the night…Oh Norway, I feel like I’m there in spirit right now…When your "homies" asked "Who is she?"
    You could answer my old American Auntie…that hippie is as sweet as tupelo honey.

    Me in the blue jacket, Robert in the green…life is good isn’t it?




    :lol: that’s right, August is our snow free month !
    And that was an excellent idea :D You could be absolutely certain that I’ll never refer to you as my Old American Auntie. Such a nomenclature could never capture the essence of Mrs. Hippie Hotness.

    You’d have to drink the Akvavit though, that stuff tastes horrid :lol: I’ll be more than happy to make you fiskeballer though :D

    We look absolutely adorable in that picture !



    Here’s the encore on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8WjGu1Ys78



    Gåsehud !

    thanks hansjoakim, the transition from Just Like Heaven into Chunks still melts my mind.
    If a recording of the show surfaces I might wet myself, it’s that good.



    "Annastefka" wrote:
    When your "homies" asked "Who is she?"
    You could answer my old American Auntie…that hippie is as sweet as tupelo honey.

    my jazz name for you is Mellow Mama 8)

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