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    Rock ‘n’ Roll Archaeology
    Dinosaur Jr. is excavated, back on the road, and already at risk of extinction

    written by Chris Connelly

    Imagine this: The year is 2005. Almost 20 years ago, you were one of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century. Names like Cobain, Vedder, Grohl and Corgan credit you as a primary influence, creating a postmortem fan base much larger than any you enjoyed while performing. But you have just settled long-standing grudges with your old band members. You have reissued your first three albums on a new label. And you’ve booked a national reunion tour to celebrate. You are Dinosaur Jr., and you’ve returned to the top of a game you left long ago. So now what do you do?

    Get ready for extinction, if you believe singer J Mascis.

    So is this it for Dinosaur Jr.? A last hurrah?

    “Yeah, probably,� Mascis mumbles into the phone, sounding somewhere between hung-over and half asleep.


    Dinosaur Jr. may not be a household name in the music world, but some contend that it should be. Along with bands like the Pixies and Sonic Youth, Dinosaur is often credited with providing the framework for the early ’90s grunge movement, enabling the Nirvanas and Pearl Jams to break through into mainstream superstardom.

    “In the beginning, we definitely felt underappreciated,� Mascis says. “We had no fans, and nobody seemed to like us. But after our second album, we got fans and stuff.�

    Despite their influence on later artists, the band has remained mired in relative obscurityâ€â€

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