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    Randy Jane

    Hey freaksceners! I am moving in about 8 days to Sacramento California. The whole band is……..mah, drummer and myself….so, I guess not "whole band" because our bassist doesnt even know were moving yet….not many people do, you good people here actually have found out about this before my family….feel/be special hehe. Well….any Freaksceners out there in Sacramento?




    Hi Randy Jane,
    Sounds like a big change for you since I know you are in TN now. I hope it is a very positive change for you. Look forward to hearing about what the change is like.

    Sincerly, Chris



    I was wondering what had happened to you! best of luck man! <img>

    But I thought you didn’t drive???


    buckingham rabbit

    I went to college near Sacramento and, well, good luck to you. I think there is a minor rock scene going on there, but at any rate San Francisco is only a little over an hour away.

    The best record store in Sacramento is The Beat, somewhere downtownish. I forget the street.

    It also gets damn hot there in the summer.



    RJ-good luck with the move!hope there`s a good scene there for gigs.


    Randy Jane

    yeah….friggin blows that it gets hot…..im ready for winter 24/7. I dont drive….if I never had to drive, I would be a happy person…….yeah. Im soo ready to leave though. For a while, we’re going to be staying with my drummer’s (Maverick) friends apartment, untill we can get a place of our own. We’re looking for a bassist….err, will be when we get there. While im out there…..ill be making a 12 hour trip a few times to Seattle….12 hours there anywho…well….so says Mapquest, but they go bye doing the speed limit perfectly, ehh. Anyways….bye for now….RJ.



    Hey RJ, best of luck with your travels. I’m in San Fran so I’ll be an hour & a half away; we should hang out.

    Seattle is a miserable little town. But hopefully you have something entertaining planned for your visit(s) there. I think I can guess that there will be some sort of pilgrimage involved <img>

    take care, & keep in touch,



    Ready for winter 24/7 <img> I can’t imagine anyone being ready for that kind of hell <img>

    Good luck with the move, hope its all you hope for!! Things certainly change quickly out your way <img> Make sure you keep in touch, gotta get a copy of the new RJ cd when it comes out.

    So take care, take some vitamins and have fun!!!

    Allison <img>


    Randy Jane

    oh, the guilt…..

    As I knew…Im getting a TON of guilt trips laid on me. Some of them are coming from people I thought would understand why im going…and would be happy that I am going to go do something with my life instead of stay here and work at one of the factories that will prolly close down in a year or two. I dont want to just sit in this town and have this chance thats coming up be my "What If." What if I hadve gone? Would I be in a band on tv? in a band not on tv but still making it? In a starving band? under a bridge…..what? I dont want that. Even if the music scene isnt the best out there….I can already tell you all its better than ANY oppertunnity that I will have here in Elizabethton. Here, its emo…thats all turning metal, or Death metal (Nu Metal). Its not a very kool place to be for a grunge band that is. If anything happens after I leave, anyone dies or anything….I will get pinned with it. "I broke thier heart" or something like that…I garuntee someone will try to pin it on me. My family is like that unfortunately. Well, time to go…RJ.



    some random lyrics you might like RJ from a band called Clark:

    This is the last stanza of their song called "the beast"

    all of these games
    in my head
    and my face is red
    now I’m tired
    in the worst way
    dragging my feet
    gnashing my feet
    yeah I’m tired
    in the worst way
    so I’m asking
    for a favor
    tape this crowbar
    to this postcard
    and send it off
    to my head in
    an hour
    don’t feel bad
    don’t be sad bro
    called alternately "bill laimbeer" and "something you should know"
    check out my bruise dude
    it’s black and blue and
    shaped like you
    it covers my chest
    caving in is what I do best
    it comes so easy
    baby it’s easy like breathing
    sometimes I hold my breath
    that night I crashed like
    a chrysler
    god I wish I’d try harder
    but I left that room wounded
    with my bruises and contusions
    door slammed shut with a shove
    because someone on the
    other side couldn’t see mine
    all there are on this heart
    are scars
    and even though I’m scared to
    show them to you
    you should know that
    all those hours we wasted
    were always my favorite
    Good luck in Sacto.

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    Hey, them peoples with their guilt is jus’ gonna have to deal with it…

    Grab that pogo-stick (or whatever you use, since you don’t drive <img> ) and hop it out west young man… out west!

    Be sure to say ‘hey’ to Rosa for me, and tell her to email me… *cough* <img>


    Randy Jane

    yeah…were taking two cars…..scary…I dont think our stuff is going to fit in two cars, I have to leave some things behind dernit! Like, a couple cabs (the 410 and the Ampeg 15…grrr). A few other things will be left here as well, but….Maverick and someone else is going to be driving. Ill just sleep….watch the friggin road for like the most part of three long days…ehhh. Ill try to post before I leave, and when I get there….you guys are my parents too you know. HEHE..RJ.



    Hey RJ,

    Shame about that guilt thing from your family, sometimes families just don’t get it. Sounds like they think they know whats best for you…what works for them but not for you would never work out, ends up in a vicious circle of unhappiness all round. Sometimes time and space puts things in perspective for people, hopefully your family comes around and recognizes that you need to do what makes you happy. It could take awhile, had some similar problems when I was your age, took over a year to actually get close to being on the same page, but it worked itself out…fingers crossed the same can happen for you.

    Good luck with the trip, keep yourself safe & take those vitamins <img> Looking forward to hearing about your new life <img>

    Allison <img>

    ps J is playing in San Francisco October 25th…say hi to Rosa for me <img>




    I wish I had something important or deep to say. But I really don’t. I have to say that I’m damned jelous of you. You’re following your dreams, and mine as well. The music scene around here is about 98% punk. And as a result I’ve been having trouble even JOINING a band. So succeed for me. And don’t ever show up on the television. You don’t want to be in one of those bands. . .

    And if I escape from college, can Candian Girlfriend open for you guy’s?



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by Valentine Frankenstein:

    Sometimes time and space puts things in perspective for people…</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>Exactly! So take that pogo-stick, and hop through that temporal portal that Allison mentioned (time and space, get it? heheh)… You’ll get there in 5 seconds… <img>

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