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    Sad news :( Mark of Sparklehorse comitted suicide :cry:


    I still listen to the first two albums quite often(Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot and Good Morning Spider)he was a great songwriter and one of those artists who could turn a sad tune into something beautiful



    Wow that is shocking. RIP my friend……. :cry:



    I just don’t get suicide….life is so short….yes, it can be painful at times but it’s going to be over sooner or later…..I hear the suicide comes when the "pain and suffering" is just too much for for someone to handle anymore. Geez…for the love of God…can you not just turn off the TV, drop out of life and go to Africa, India…even some parts of America…where there are children…who know real suffering. Join a monastery…join the Peace Corps….get over yourself…who cares that you just lost your second damn i-phone or your girlfriend has been sleeping with your big brother while you were out of the house.

    I’m almost done with my rant…but I think it’s important that parents teach/show their children about their inner spiritual self….then the ridiculousness of the day to day bull shit becomes so readily apparent that you can actually have fun with it…embrace it….laugh about it…I mean for real folks!

    If the biggest part of your problem is that you are addicted to something (large part of the suicide problem) then check your self into a hospital….you don’t have insurance….hey, they will still treat you.

    I once took a 911 call….where some guy told me that he was going to shoot himself in the face with a shot-gun, it was around 11 in the morning, he told me he was going to leave the door unlocked and he wanted to know if we could have someone come and clean up the mess before his wife and kids got home…because he didn’t want them to have to deal with that….then before I could get a word in…Kaboom…selfish bastard.

    One can kill their ego without having to leave behind a corpse, Mark Linkous….I don’t know if he had children but if he did…then life now welcomes him with open arms into the "selfish bastards" club along with all the others.

    Heather Campbell…who spends her life, volunteering in the poorest of poor places on Earth and writing about them….wrote this recently about a trip to India:

    ‘I came across a family who had a child with spina bifida, and the mother told me that the way they coped with this is that they dug a hole in the sand, they were in a fishing village, and then they buried the child in that hole up to his waist each day, so that the child could be upright’. ‘

    ‘There was another village that we visited that had literally been built on a rubbish dump, and their job was to scavenge the rubbish, so if you could imagine your dwellings being just a few meters away from this stinking heap of refuge, with rats climbing on you as you sleep. It’s very difficult to think of these people, especially the children,having to live in these sorts of conditions all their lives’

    Mr. Sparklehorse…should have put down his guitar and used his two good hands to open up some damn bags of rice….and perhaps not be so wrapped up in his own wimpy, puny, Pisces problems. It would be great if he could lay in his coffin (I know, who does coffins anymore it’s such a waste of money) but it would be great if he could lay there with a sign propped up in his hands that says: "IDIOT".

    I really didn’t intend to be so mean spirited …and one might turn around and ask, when I die…should I be holding a sign that says "IDIOT"….heck, I don’t know, if you shoe fits…then I be puttin’ it on at that point. I know a few people here in town that have had to deal with the suicide of a spouse or child..and it’s like that person, that they loved…so much…..took a big poop on their life and they can’t open enough windows or strike enough matches to make it any better…although, if they hadn’t been made aware of it before,through struggling to find some relief from their now new found and sudden dose of "pain and suffering" are led to find out that, a therapist is just an expensive albeit well informed good friend and that God’s air is always sweet and temperate.
    Back to the garden…I came in for tea….and wrote a whole bunch of wordy words…I hate suicide!



    Mark had a history of drug problems.Not sure if he was on something when he did this or if he ever got away from it.I agree that in a world of suffering something like this is senseless but some people are too lost in their problems to look around and not everyone is thinking with a clear mind


    "essgee09" wrote:
    Mark had a history of drug problems………… not everyone is thinking with a clear mind

    Thanks SG, I think that not everyone is thinking with a clear head when under the influence of drugs is exactly correct….then a thought like suicide is able to settle it’s way into the psyche.
    I had to do rehab twice…so I unfortunately understand, really well, what it feels like when your head gets into that space. I remember crying to a counselor that "life is so ugly and the people in it with me are so stupid…I don’t want to "do it" without drugs because without drugs, life is just a bunch of bullshit that I didn’t ask for.

    Instead of holding me and comforting me and stroking me like a kitty…and telling me how beautiful I was, how special I was….how needed I was….this large, African American women…got so close to my face that she was misting me with her spit…and she yelled…"shut the fuck up, and get over your damn self" and start working the steps. I had obviously worked the first step because I had checked myself into the hospital. That one was easy.

    1. We admitted we were powerless over drugsl— and that our lives had become unmanageable.

    Then came step two and three which sort of work together.

    2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

    3.Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him, her, it.

    as corny as we can make the 12 step program be…it worked for me (because I worked it)..addiction is a spiritual problem…I never wanted to kill myself however because then I reckoned that I wouldn’t be able to get high…and I really liked getting high.

    Also…I would be so afraid of "suicide fail"…in which you are left in a diaper and on a ventilator….the diaper doesn’t scare me as bad as being in that condition and having an itch that you can’t scratch and you can’t communicate the need of a scratch. That terrifies me…Girl talked about living wills here on Freakscene and I don’t have anything like that in writing but…I have always made it understood with my husband…and in his beautiful way…he lets me know…that I would never need to worry…just like the ending of the "Grinch that stole Christmas"…he says he would be thrilled to be the one to "cut the power/pull the plug on me." I’ve told him that I would so honor him as well with the same care if he were to find himself in that situation. Although, it would be tempting to have him immobilized for a few days…so that I could finally talk to him, as it has become increasingly more difficult to get him settled and focused long enough to have a meaningful discussion…and I talk so much that he sort of tunes me out half the time. :lol: , :lol: , :lol: , :lol:.
    I do love him so much…my horny Latin goat….I’ve sort of been wishing that as he aged that his libido would settle down…but at 48…he is still as amorous and concupiscent as he was on that beautiful February night, 19 years ago, when we ended up in bed together after being "just friends" for over a year. Awwww, life is just too good most of the time.


    Yeah Right

    It really sucks. He was the business. :(



    Feelings of suicide seem to grow for some this time of year. Why? I don’t know…lack of sun, crazy Christmas consumer fetishism? This was sent to my Facebook today and I found it to be a wonderful story for the Christmas season. GIVE….LOVE….FEEL…PEACE. : )

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_3BEwpv0dM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_3BEwpv … re=related

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