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    A Review of The Best-Of Collection by Rhino Records:


    Alt-Rock Heroes’ First-Ever Best Of Collection,
    Thanks to paleontologists (and Steven Spielberg) we know about Velociraptors and T. Rexes, but thanks to Rhino Entertainment/Warner Archives we now know about EAR BLEEDING COUNTRY: THE BEST OF DINOSAUR JR. Infamous for their volume, feedback, and distortion, Dinosaur Jr., along with bands like The Pixies and Sonic Youth, helped reintroduce lead guitar to late-’80s indie-rock. Critics have hailed J Mascis, the band’s leader and sometime-sole member, as a masterful rock songwriter, hailing him as Neil Young’s musical godson. Set for release October 2 from Rhino Entertainment/Warner Archives, EAR BLEEDING COUNTRY: THE BEST OF DINOSAUR JR., is the first-ever retrospective from one of the most influential alt-rock bands of the last 15 years

    The 19 track EAR BLEEDING COUNTRY is the first compilation to span the band’s career, from the early thrash of 1985’s "Repulsion" to cuts from 1997’s Hand It Over. Along the way, listeners get the single-only cover of The Cure’s "Just Like Heaven," the modern rock hits "Start Choppin" and "Feel The Pain," and "Take A Run At The Sun," from the soundtrack to Allison Anders’ film Grace Of My Heart. Produced with J Mascis’ cooperation, the disc also includes "Where’d You Go," from J Mascis + The Fog’s 2000 album, More Light.

    At Mascis’ suggestion, EAR BLEEDING COUNTRY: THE BEST OF DINOSAUR JR. features cover art by former pro-skateboarder Neil Blender, who also designed the cover of 1994’s Without A Sound. Byron Coley’s liner notes provide an informative and authoritative history of the band and track-by-track insight into the songs.

    J Mascis formed Dinosaur Jr. in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1984 after the break-up of his hard-core band, Deep Wound. Mascis played drums while Lou Barlow, later of Sebadoh and Folk Implosion, handled bass, but soon drummer Murph joined, and Mascis took the guitar spot. The band released their first album, Dinosaur, in 1985. With 1987’s You’re Living All Over Me and thanks to their notoriously loud concerts, Dinosaur Jr. began to develop a following which continued to grow over the course of the band’s career. In 1989 Mike Johnson replaced Lou Barlow; Murph left in 1993, replaced by George Berz. But the one constant was J Mascis, who was writing all the songs and playing most of the instruments on Dinosaur Jr.’s albums.

    Besides serving as producer for Buffalo Tom, fIREHOSE, and Tad, among others over the years, Mascis has also been a frequent collaborator with filmmaker Allison Anders, writing the score for 1992’s Gas Food Lodging and contributing songs to (and appearing in small roles in) Grace Of My Heart and 2001’s Things Behind The Sun. He is currently at work on a new album.

    With EAR BLEEDING COUNTRY: THE BEST OF DINOSAUR JR., Rhino Entertainment ensures that this species of Dinosaur will avoid extinction

    Or U Can read It here

    U Can Pre-Order That Great Album here




    I like the track list pretty good but I don’t think Where’d You Go should be on it. I think what else is new should be there instead because I think it was voted to be everyones favorite song. Going home is the only single that didn’t make it and not you again, in a jar, and budge are the only non-single that made it. I think Raisins and the post should have been there too because i tink they are generally more likes than in a jar or budge



    I Miss 1 Great Track: Water
    Thats A Bummer




    Byron Colley is doing the liner notes!
    He should do some cool notes,he`s very imformative.
    He got Sonic Youth listening to free jazz,Thurston said in a interview he made tapes for them to play in their van back in the 80`s,Coltrane,Ornette,Ayler,etc.



    those songs are great ones. is this all going to be studio versions ? i have heard all those songs live, a live best of album would really put the icing on the cake.



    I think it’s just gonna be studio versions on ear bleeding country. However, on his
    tour diaries (third leg), Watt mentions that J

    <STRONG>" … recorded all the gigs ‘live’ that we did on the second leg w/his digital recorders so maybe a ‘live’ album might result."</STRONG>

    That’d be pretty neat indeed. [img]images/smiles/converted/biggrin.gif[/img]

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