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    search party

    not mine, just linking

    http://www.thebathysphere.com/2009/04/d … 41709.html

    encore is

    Mountain Man
    Just Like Heaven


    King Tubby

    That’s the second sour review of the Fayetteville show I’ve read. Did the band have an off-night? Or are Fayetteville music bloggers generally a sour bunch?

    Both reviewers seemed defensive about living in Fayetteville, too, and appeared to project that defensiveness onto the band. There are worse places to live than Fayetteville. Like Russellville, for instance, or pretty much anywhere else in Arkansas besides Little Rock.



    I was at the show in Fayetteville (I’m from Ca.). I felt like it was a typical Dinosaur jr. show. I’ve been saying for years how obvious it is that J just isn’t that in to playing live. I just expect it now.
    The songs that I felt they delivered the best were…
    Out There



    you do realize that wasn’t a bad review right??? the reviewer commented on his review at the bottom of the page…

    "I obviously did a poor job of conveying my true feelings about the show: I actually really enjoyed it. It was one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in awhile and the band’s intentions are irrelevant to my enjoyment.

    I’m aware that Lou does the mumbling thing regularly. It is perplexing and mildly patronizing though – that’s the point."


    King Tubby

    Well, with lines like these

    The vibe was "Let’s just do this so they’ll give us the bags with the dollar signs on them,"

    Everyone knows they’re going to hear "Freak Scene" by the end of the night, J’s going to rock back and forth with his hair in his face and play some impressive but largely uninteresting solos, Lou’s going to play some incredible bass and then say something lame that J will pretend not to hear, and Murph’s going to be bald, self-serious, and possibly shirtless. So it seems that the real draw is the novelty of seeing the original lineup sharing the stage once again

    one could be forgiven for reading the review as slightly less than positive.


    "King Tubby" wrote:
    one could be forgiven for reading the review as slightly less than positive.

    Agreed, one really could. To tell you the truth I got kinda annoyed by reading it.

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