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    well, the reunion tour is winding down and culminating tomorrow night with a performance
    of the entire "You’re Living All Over Me" album…
    where does that leave Dino? hopefully more shows to come…

    but anyway, what i want to know is any missing sets and/or corrections to sets i’ve already got listed
    at my Concert Chronology:

    i know most of the sets i’m missing are festivals
    but i’m also missing a few random dates here and there for this tour.
    obviously, i’m missing a lot of older sets and/or dates too
    any help from anyone, if you’ve been to a show, own a bootleg, etc.
    would be greatly appreciated!

    i’ve gotten a lot of mails already with sets / corrections that have really
    helped me out and i get a lot of info from these boards and

    so thanks a lot for the support and help!

    so check it out and keep sending me those additions / corrections


    (ps, also check out my music at myspace, link should be in the sig
    but in case it’s not, since i just updated my profile:
    i’ve been influenced by Dino a lot as well, as evidenced in
    my songs "silent movie" and "due" (due’s not on the page, but hit me up
    if you’d like to hear more!)

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