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    Big fan, as such I think dinosaur jr deserve a top 10 album. Therefore I’m using a programme to collate individuals IP addresses in various programmes utorrent etc, which will then be passed on to the governing bodies for music licensing, the relevant record label by region and authorities if the country has anti piracy laws in place.
    The legality of this of course is debatable and the resulting effects may vary. 
    As this is the only dinosaur jr fan site I can find I thought I would post here. I understand that this is a bit counterintuitive as the majority of people on this site would be real fans.
    Money’s tight, but the one place that has seen a dramatic decrease in retail prices and sales is the music industry, which is in contrast to normal inflation. Anyway buy it, enjoy it.
    The FBI minimum amount for unauthorised copying in the USA of one song is $750. Have a look at the maximum sentence!
    Have a nice day. 



    Welcome to the forum……that is quite the first post. Are you enjoying the new album? How is it?



    Welcome to the forums and as @goodguytoo said, that is quite the first post!
    Totally agree dinosaur deserves more fame. You will notice that we don’t allow posts to illegal file shares/torrents of any commercially released materials on this website.

    Good luck with your venture and once again, welcome to the forums!



    As you said in your post most people here are buying the album…. In fact 3 or 4 different copies ! 🙂



    this guy isn’t gonna do jack..

    i bet on sky is great btw!



    Your probably right Justin.



    I Bet On Sky is great, and while I illegally downloaded it, I plan on buying the largest preorder bundle available from both of their websites, totally $130+.



    Report it all you want, man. Your misguided (at best) efforts are laughable.

    I ordered a pre-order bundle from Jagjaguwar months ago and have spent over $300 on concert tickets (many for broke friends) for their upcoming tour. Not to mention the cost of traveling from Milwaukee to Urbana, IL, Minneapolis, MN, Madison, WI, Grand Rapids, MI, and Cleveland, OH to see my favorite band. And I illegally downloaded the album this morning because I was fed up wtth the fact that my download ticket didn’t arrive by 10 A.M. In fact, my digital download from Jagjaguwar didn’t come in until 3:35 P.M. That’s not very prompt in my opinion.

    The reason Dinosaur have never really gotten over is not from a lack of record sales, but because they haven’t watered down their sound. They never made a Nevermind-type album in order to reach the masses. If someone’s lame or lazy enough to ignore them just because of their not being on the radio, that’s his or her own lapse in judgment.

    They never capitalized during the grunge/post-grunge heyday. That blame lies with the record company or the band, or both. Or maybe it was just never meant to get any sweeter for them than it did at the time. Some of my other favorite bands will never even be as big as Dinosaur are. They didn’t sell out, so they can’t cash in.

    If you want to help them, join their street team and post fliers around your city or town for the nearest shows they play to your location. Pass out fliers after other people’s shows. Or go on eBay, Amazon, etc. and report bootleg sales and the ilk. The only people you’re empowering by reporting downloads are the RIAA, lawyers, Feds, and other smug suits/execs who could care less if your mother was dying of cancer. Our government’s own censorship policies and big brother endeavors are only furthered as this crackdown on torrenting continues.

    These are the type of people you’re aiding and this is the type of activity that you are helping:




    Well said terryfunku. I did dl the album because I couldn’t wait. Im doing the preorder. I have at least 2 copies of every dinosaur jr album. I see Dino multiple times in every tour, and always buy all the mercy I don’t have. My healthy, 25 year old neighbor passed away this week. Not that it would matter, but I’d never forgive myself if I perished before the dinosaur album was released and I never tried to hear the album.



    Merch….damn autocorrect



    This is some funny stuff. You have fun there!
    P.S. Welcome to the Internet.



    Oh, and an update for the original poster, my Jagjaguwar pre-order LP/CD bundle still has not arrived.

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