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    K7 Rides Again

    1–OK, recently I’ve been having trouble with my cd/dvd (D:) drive. It has trouble playing cd’s and dvd’s. They are "choppy" and don’t want to play correctly. It almost sounds like it’s skipping, but that’s not the problem. They jsut aren’t playing correctly. I can still play cd’s and dvd’s in my rewrite drive (E:) with no problems. A friend suggested that maybe I don’t have enough memory to run this drive because there may be too many programs running. But since I don’t know what all I can safely shut down, without reaking havoc on my computer, I should just refomat my hard drive. I tried this several 6 months ago and the problem imediately went away. The (D:) drive began doing it agian the other day and a custom reformat once again fixed this problem. Can anyone tell me what’s going with my drive and why it keeps messing up after a while? And why do cd’s/dvd’s still play in my burner when my cd drive is messing up?

    2–Hey spaceboy!!! Can you link me to that site again to uninstall WINDOWS MESSENGER?

    3–After reformatting my hard drive, I had to adjust lots of my personal settings back to how they were b4 reformatting. I have turned Windows XP’s firewall back on but am having touble getting SOULSEEK to connect. It starts up, and then eventually freezes up, then has to be manually closed out. I’m pretty sure it’s XP’s firewall messing with the program, and a reinstall didn’t fix matters. Any ideas on how to get SOULSEEK past my firewall?



    3. soulseek used to freeze and mess up alot for me aswell, but it has gotten better after I downscaled the number of files I share.
    no idea on that xp firewall though, I’m using norton firewall, and that works perfect with soulseek.



    hEY k7

    Here Ya Go:

    Uninstall Windows Messenger

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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