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    thanks … :aliensmile:


    Pelt Sematary

    Yes, get well (or stay well?) soon!
    Thanks for the info about the pics. Schade, dass die nicht so toll sind!
    For some reason, ever since I first heard "Do You Love Me Now Jr." I imagined that J and Kim Deal would make a great couple. :oops: I know, this is kinda kitschy/cheesy, and most of all no offense to Luisa! :wink:
    Looking forward to the next installment!



    kd : what did they do ?

    jm : my dad was a dentist.

    kd : how are your teeth ?

    jm : shitty.

    kd : my teeth are really bad.

    jm : because he would never see me in this weird vortex where he would never see people from your family because there’s always something better to do and something else somes up yet you can’t go to another dentist because your dad’s a dentist so your teeth just rot out. it’s a weird position. i’m just beginning to pull my teeth together a little bit.

    kd : what is your favorite breakfast cereal ? or a couple ?

    jm : raisin squares.

    kd : mine’s honey nut cheerios.

    jm : i ate a lot of cereal when i was little, but i can’t eat the sugary ones anymore b/c my teeth hurt.

    kd : what was the 1st rock’n’roll music you liked ? probably montrose and …

    jm : beach boys.

    kd : when you were growing up, that’s the 1st, like "help me rhonda."

    jm : "darlin’." i like that song.

    kd : i don’t know that song.

    jm : i feel bad for the beach boys. suddenly one day they weren’t hip anymore. the world left them behind.

    kd : my dad says that. i thought they were like gross. i mean, they’re beautiful songs, but they’re just so gross. my dad says it doesn’t matter. he said that "surfer girl" will always make him cry, which is weird b/c he hates frank sinatra music only b/c he thinks frank sinatra is an asshole.



    jm : a lot of people are like that. so who is hanging together in lollapalooza ?

    kd : L7 + nick cave pretty much all the time. they play back to back, + they’re on really early. usually by the time tribe calle quest is on …

    jm : who do they hang out with ? anybody ?

    kd : tribe ? i don’t know if they hang out w/anybody. q tip’s really cute + everything, but they don’t hang out w/us or anything. the beastie boys hang out w/everybody pretty much, + pumpkins … it’s fun. when we’re there, you know, it’s just everybody hanging around, which is good. we’ve only had 2 rainy days.

    kd : so you didn’t fake your death to get off at lollapalooza ?

    jm : no. i went over the hump where it didn’t matter. i was so far gone that –

    kd : – you were already dead.

    jm : yeah. it’s like i might as well just finish it + see if i can snap back afterwards.

    kd : so you just did a video [for "feel the pain"] w/a golf cart + stuff ?

    jm : yeah. spike jonze did it.

    kd : i was talking to one of the beastie boys, they were going, "damn it, man! why does j get to go around in a golf cart. that’s not fair." i guess they like to golf.

    jm : right. i hear he’s good, mike d. he’s a good golfer.

    kd : yeah, i heard he is too. mcpherson + chamberlain + some production guys went out golfing. that was one of the rainy days, actually they got poured on.

    jm : a little rain won’t keep you back.

    kd : mcpherson brought his golf clubs. did you bring your golf clubs around w/you last year ?

    jm : no.

    kd : i brought my roller skates.

    jm : i want to bring them this year.

    kd : for touring ?

    jm : yeah.



    kd : so i’m thinking after lollapalooza i’m going to spend some time in dublin.

    jm : really ?

    kd : yeah.

    jm : all right.

    kd : sounds like fun, doesn’t it ? did you like going to ireland ?

    jm : i played golf over there.

    kd : i thought, well, paris, amsterdam, berlin, dublin. i liked those 4 cities. amsterdam’s got a plus b/c of the pot. paris has a negative b/c of the language + it’s really expensive. berlin – that would be all right. maybe cold. well, ireland is going to be cold, too.

    jm : why not america, man ? what’s up w/this foreign crap ? :lol:

    kd : i want to go someplace exciting + new + different, like i’m in a big city.

    jm : i went to alaska. that way you’re still in america.

    kd : hey, how was your alaskan vacation, j ?

    jm : i got this t-shirt.

    kd : what is is ? it’s a big eagle, a bald eagle. you went all the way to alaska to get an otter ? :?:

    jm : yeah.

    kd : did you go seal hunting when you went to alaska ?

    jm : no, i did not.



    kd : did i tell you the story of somebody who had done an interview w/you, we were in germany, like hamburg or something like that, + we were having a real hard time w/this journalist. you know, they come up + they go, [in german accent] "why do you make such shitty music this time ?" :shock: you know ? sometimes they act like that.

    jm : of course.

    kd : so supposedly some guy sat down w/you , + b/c you’re difficult to interview, right, he came in + said, "i hear you are very difficult. i brought a pen + come crayons + paper. i want you to draw a picture for me." + supposedly you got up + took off.

    jm : no. he said, "i hear you are boring + difficult ?" :o [laughs]

    kd : the german journalists totally do that though, don’t they ? "why do you choose to have this stupid album cover ?"

    jm : "if only there were more reverb on the drums, then your album would be welcomed into this culture." :P

    kd : they never said that !

    jm : yeah.

    kd : they did not.

    jm : "i don’t understand this record, really" it’s just stuff like that.

    stephen apicella-hitchcock [to j] : lean in a little that way, chief.

    kd : do people call you chief ? or does he just call you chief ?

    jm : no, everyone does.

    kd : do they really ? why ? b/c you have long hair + look like an indian or something ?

    jm : i’ve never asked. i just kind of go w/it.

    kd : what are some other real stupid questions. it’s like when they sit down + there’s that one question you just wish they wouldn’t ask. how do you … what’s the future for you ?

    jm : just look into the past to grasp the future.



    well, that’s it … it’s a great read, isn’t it ?

    oh … + the whole magazine is a good read … there’s a sebadoh article as well … plus an interview w/bob mould + another piece about boston … i’d say if you see it on ebay, buy it …

    i will post the sebadoh article here when i get a sec or two …

    + btw, kim … i never had a problem w/the length of the pixies’ show … i say play on ! :aliensmile:



    very cool read! you rock, rambleon!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


    Bucky Ramone

    Hey rambleon, like I said before, thanks for all the work, it’s a great read! 8) :lol:

    …hope you’re recovering well from your surgery… :roll: :)


    Pelt Sematary
    kd : i thought, well, paris, amsterdam, berlin, dublin. i liked those 4 cities. amsterdam’s got a plus b/c of the pot. paris has a negative b/c of the language + it’s really expensive. berlin – that would be all right. maybe cold. well, ireland is going to be cold, too.

    :P :D :P :D

    Well, she was here a couple says ago, and I’d say she’s always welcome! Tho’ she’s right – it’s really pretty cold her these days – whattasummerbummer!
    Also very funny that bit about the german journos, think I’ve read that here before, haven’t I? That probably was the trigger for this whole thread, right…
    Anyway – Thanks a lot, great read!
    Hopefully the chief will come to germany, too, soon!


    …hope you’re recovering well from your surgery…

    yes, thanks … i am finally feeling much more my usual self today … :D :D … i think it’s mostly the anaesthetic which makes you feel so bad for days after the fact … one day they’ve got to find a way around that problem :idea:

    yeah, i wonder if people still call j chief or if that was just a time + a place thing …



    Yeah, kim is cracking my ass up… she’s so honest its sweet.

    My new nom de plume: loop de loop :P

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