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    anyone know which pope j’s related to ?

    + what’s this deal w/janet billig ? anyone know what’s up w/that ? :aliensmile: :aliensmile:


    Bucky Ramone
    "rambleon" wrote:
    anyone know which pope j’s related to ?

    Pope Nicholas IV :lol: (click to see the original article with TONS of links 8) )

    Pope Nicholas IV
    Nicholas IV, né Girolamo Masci (September 30, 1227 – April 4, 1292), was pope from February 22, 1288 to April 4, 1292, a native of Ascoli and a Franciscan monk, had been legate to the Greeks under Pope Gregory X in 1272, succeeded St Bonaventura as general of his order in 1274, was made cardinal-priest of Sta Prassede and Latin Patriarch of Constantinople by Pope Nicholas III, cardinal-bishop of Palestina by Pope Martin IV, and succeeded Pope Honorius IV. after a ten-months’ vacancy in the papacy.

    He was a pious, peace-loving monk with no ambition save for the church, the crusades and the extirpation of heresy. He steered a middle course between the factions at Rome, and sought a settlement of the sicilian question. In May 1289 he crowned King Charles II of Naples and Sicily after the latter had expressly recognized papal suzerainty, and in February 1291 concluded a treaty with Alfonso III of Aragon and Philip IV of France looking toward he expulsion of James II of Aragon from Sicily. The loss of Ptolemais in 1291 stirred the pope to renewed enthusiasm for a crusade. He sent missionaries, among them the celebrated Franciscan missionary, John of Monte Corvino, to labour among the Bulgarians, Ethiopians, Tatars and Chinese.

    He issued an important constitution on the July 18, 1289, which granted to the cardinals one-half of all income accruing to the Roman see and a share in the financial management, and thereby paved the way for that independence of the college of cardinals which, in the following century, was to be of detriment to the papacy. Nicholas died in the palace which he had built beside Sta Maria Maggiore.

    This article incorporates text from the public domain 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica.



    8) 8) :aliensmile: …

    thanks, how the hell did you dig that up ? you’re like the freakscene supersleuth or something :D … forget asking jeeves, ask den buck b/c he knows everything :!:



    jm : can you just put that song on there ?

    kd : i guess i could. never listened to the sebadoh one, huh ? it’s got to be on purpose.

    jm : what do you mean ? i should, i just ….

    kd : i just get a kick out of it. let’s compare lollapalooza notes. did you enjoy yourself on lollapalooza.

    jm : no. i didn’t.

    kd : janet said, last year some time, "well, j’s thinking that if he can pretend like he’s got killed somewhere, he might be able to get off the tour." :idea: :lol: it’s fun for like the 1st few days + then you realize you have to go to a festival for 42 shows.

    jm : the brutality of the whole thing was amazing.

    kd : it is.

    jm : i’m just glad i’m alive to talk about it. glad i made it through. :aliensmile:

    kd : how long did you have to play ?

    jm : i don’t know, 40 minutes.

    kd : that’s not bad. we did 35, close to 40. that’s not bad. beastie boys do an hour + 20, + so do smashing pumpkins.

    jm : oh, really. i think the beasties should do 40. i think that would lend itself more to their scene.

    kd : yeah. i like shorter sets also from bands. no matter how much i like the band.

    jm : any band. yeah.

    kd : exactly 20 minutes. that’s my attention span.

    jm : i could watch over 30, but i don’t think it’s necessarily a good idea for the artist. it depends on who it is. i can watch richard thompson for longer than that.

    kd : the pixies used to play son long that the fans used to come back stage + go, "oh, kim, you guys were great, but you play too long."

    jm : really ? that’s cool.

    kd : so long that even the kids were going, "oh, it’s too long, it’s too long. you guys play too long."

    jm : we had a van, + some people used to tip it over b/c we didn’t play long enough. :shock: i could play for three hours. i don’t really care. if you want to see a shitty show, i don’t care, i’ll play for three hours. i have nothing better to do. :lol: but i would recommend leaving after 20. :D



    kd : i don’t even know if i could play for three hours. i have too many vices. i need a beer. i need a joint. i couldn’t go like three hours. we do new york tomorrow.

    jm : i wish i could make it but …

    kd : no you don’t !

    jm : i wouldn’t mind seeing you guys, + i like nick cave.

    kd : he’s really great.

    jm : i can’t imagine he’s having a very good time. "i feel the pain of everyone," :wink: but nick especially.

    kd : + every day they do a good show.

    jm : does anyone care ? the kids.

    kd : i do.

    jm : do you watch them every day ?

    kd : mainly we’re there for him, + then we go on. + then we see the beastie boys.

    jm : so do you party w/nick ?

    kd : no, not really. i went out drinking w/him + L7. ( L7 = 8) 8) ) i mean, i didn’t go out w/him but he was at the same bar.

    jm : so who does he party with ?

    kd : L7

    jm : he does ?

    kd : yeah. what is the music style you despise the most ?

    jm : i don’t know. i mean, fusion comes to mind.

    kd : i would pick late-night music style. just the certain kind of late-night band kind of sounds. you know what i mean ? the drums are really loud. you can’t hear the bass. they do the soaring one note high up on the flat lead w/reverb on it. :shock: it’s like the people who pick up my guitar + noodle. that’s what they play. it’s not even that wrenching rock, it’s just smug cool. cool blues. it’s like jazz blues lite. :P

    jm : fuse blues.

    kd : fused lite blues jazz. we’re almost done. what does the j stand for ? is it j w/ period or just j ?

    jm : j w/no period.

    kd : that’s on your birth certificate ?

    jm : no. when i 1st, you know, recall, it was j w/quotation marks. :!: that’s how i was 1st shown to write it.

    kd : where are the quote marks ? around the j ?

    jm : yeah, my name is joseph, but that’s my father’s name. i’m junior, so they always called me j to avoid confusion.

    kd : + some teacher said you had to use quotations ?

    jm : no, my parents did that.

    kd : are your parents teachers ?

    jm : no


    Bucky Ramone
    "rambleon" wrote:
    thanks, how the hell did you dig that up ?


    Quite simple:

    1. Search Google: "list of popes" name
    2. Check the results for a nice list with the ‘real names’ of the popes, this list was result number 2 in the Google search
    3. Search that list for ‘masc’
    4. BINGO :!: :!: :lol: 8) :wink:



    What is "L7"??



    great read, rambleon, great to have the interview here on the site!!!

    "rambleon" wrote:
    btw, i just went to my storage place again over the weekend + i found a few other great j articles … one of them is my prized dinosaur jr issue of record collector (feb 1993) … i think that article’s longer than this one, but if no one’s posted it before, i’ll type that one out as well … j’s a little hostile to the interviewer which is kind of funny :aliensmile:

    of course that would be awesome to have that other ihnterview here, too :mrgreen: :aliensmile:

    hey Aatos, L7 was an all-female band in the 90ies, who were often mentioned in connection with the Riot Grrrl bands.



    Flying Cloud: Oh, ok , thanks for the info.



    1. den buck, you’re not supposed to give away all your secrets ! :wink:

    2. believe it or not, there is much more of this interview to come :aliensmile:

    3. in time i hope to post all of my j-related interviews that i haven’t seen around here :mrgreen:


    Pelt Sematary

    Hey, Rambleon!
    Tons of thanks for this amazing read! I wish there was a recording of this interview available… It’s so cool, J & Kim are two of my favorite musicians/voices! Thanks again!
    Oh, actually even now apparently all is not Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy w/ them Pixies: As was reported they were not doing interviews during this tour, because "they weren’t sure if they’d get along"…
    (for those "in the know" w/ German: http://www.intro.de/index.php?nav=50&con=/magazin/magazin&einzelartikel=1085582481&”>http://www.intro.de/index.php?nav=50&co … 085582481&)

    And: sources relatively close to the band said, there won’t be a new record, period, because Kim and Frank "hate each other". Weird, seems like the hostility totally appears to be coming from Mr. Black née Thompson! I saw them in Berlin last week and it was weird. Seemed like they were trying to get through their set as fast as possible, then again, Frank Black talked to Kim Deal onstage between two songs, and it sounded friendly.
    Great show. all in all, tho’!
    Anyway, I love "Bam Thwok!"!!!!!


    Pelt Sematary

    P.S.: Hey, were there pictures of Kim & J with the interview? I mean, pics of the interview itself?



    hey Pelt Sematary, cool that you managed to see the Pixies :D
    I agree, Bam Thwok is cool, hope there will be more to follow!
    also, thanks for the link



    yes, there are pics, but they’re arty/fuzzy/hard to make out + in my opinion you’re not really missing anything by having not seen them …

    more of this interview to follow shortly … i haven’t been around here for a few days b/c i had day surgery last week + i’m still feeling the effects ! :o :D



    a speedy recovery for you, rambleon! :mrgreen: :!:

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