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    Hey you all. Because of this forum I found that a lot of you got into Dinosaur Jr. through old skateboarding video’s. One of the classic skateboarder’s was Ray Barbee and one of the Fellow Dino heads turned me back on to him.

    Well, he also makes music too and has an album called Triumphant procession. It came out in 2003, so it’s not necessarily new. It’s all instrumental with six tracks on it. It has a mixture of hip hop beats and jazz beats. The use of the xylophone (sp?) is quite unique to his music. Over all it is up beat and well composed. He plays everything except horns and the marimba. All guitar, xylophone, bass drums, electric drums are done by the man. Now, who esle do we now of that plays virtually every instrument? duh, I don’t know, J Mascis?

    Well, I highly recomend this album, I’ve played it over and over all week. you can find it on amazon or barnes & noble or the manufacuer


    Well, I hope you find some great music!



    I liked that album when i still had it 1-2 years ago, but ive lost it somewhere. I think it reminds a little bit of Dj Shadow, though this is more jazzy and i like it better. I think Ray Barbees music is exactly like his skateboarding, "easy summer cruising"…(i mean that his skateboarding looks easy, not that it would be easy…) :)



    he had the smoothest shove-its and kick-flips back in the day.
    so effortless looking.

    cool he’s making music now, i’ll have to see if i can check it out sometime.



    All right All right! I always wanted to be a part of the Ray Barbee Fan Club! :) Looks like we got one going.

    Here are some other cool lonks related to Ray B.

    thefirmskateboards.net – You can find old interviews, they have the one where he fist became pro.

    powellclassic.com – Will delight any old skate board fan. YOu can find all the old advertisments for any powell skater. Some date back to the 70’s.

    artofskateboarding.com- A place where collectors can display there collections on the net. There is also a forum similar to this one. Tony Hawks first board in mint condition can fetch as much as $6000.00 :shock:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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