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    buckingham rabbit

    everyone seems to like different pavement albums in different degrees. so, rank your preference.

    1. crooked rain, crooked rain
    2. slanted and enchanted
    3. wowee zowee
    4. brighten the corners
    5. terror twilight

    the SM solo album would be on par with #5. preston school of industry suck.



    1-Slanted And Enchanted
    2-Crooked Rain Crooked Rain
    3-Brighten The Corners
    4-Wowee Zowee
    5-Terror Twilight

    for Westing,I`d put it between Wowee and TT,the Preston School Of Industry is`nt that bad from what I heard.


    Bucky Ramone

    1. Crooked rain, crooked rain
    2. Slanted and enchanted
    2.5 Preston School of Industry – All this sounds gas
    3. Brighten the corners
    3.5 Stephen Malkmus
    4. Wowee zowee
    5. Terror twilight

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    crooked rain crooked rain – has the best songs on it but is not good as a whole
    slanted and enchanted
    wowee zowee
    brighten the corners – not to say that this is a bad album because it’s excellent
    terror twilight

    Pavement’s finest moment is the watery domestic ep, 4 songs all better than great.
    the shady lane ep is good, and westing.



    ok, let’s see…

    1 – Crooked Rain²
    2 – Brighten The Corners
    3 – Terror twilight ("Major Leagues" is probably my favourite Pavement song)
    4 – Wowee Zowee


    Calimero jr.

    1.Brighten the Corners
    2.Crooked Rain Crooked Rain; Watery,Domestic (not "truely" an album, but so good…..)
    3.Wowee Zowee
    4.Twilight Terror
    5.Slanted & Enchanted



    The Major Leagues ep is good,for those who have`nt heard it,they do 2 cool cover songs-Killing Moon(Echo And The Bunnymen) and The Classical(The Fall).

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