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    More Light Review


    J MASCIS & THE FOG – More Light

    The Undercover Review

    Boom! Straight into it! Same Day is a great rock and roll tune from possibly one of the most credible musicians of our time. Ex Dinosaur Jr frontman and founder J Mascis is still rocking everyone’s world!

    There is something about Waistin that seems sweet. It’s a very simple song and there is something about the way Mr Mascis is singing that makes him sound like he really REALLY means it. Almost like he doesn’t realise just how happy he’s making some people.

    This man truly is a master of cool. You’ll spot that for yourself as Ground Me To You kicks in, but for some very 70’s rock guitar solo work, check out Ammaring. Neil Young eat your free world rockin’ heart out!

    That Neil Young reference is probably becoming more and more relevant as each song passes by because surely Mr Young had to have been up there with the main influences to All The Girls or I’m Not Fine where something like Can’t I Take This On might be inspired a little more from early nineties American grunge records, a scene of which J Mascis was of course a major part. So I suppose maybe it was more influenced by that era’s influences. I’m sure if you concentrate hard enough you’ll work out what I’m trying to say.

    The final song, the title track, More Light, is some seriously grungy grunge. It’s that shitty production that makes it fit in that extra bit more, I suppose all it really needs is a 20 year old record to be on, some crackles will do it nicely.

    By Tim Cashmere

    Sometimes all I really want to feel is love
    Sometimes I’m angry that I feel so angry
    Sometimes my feelings get in the way
    Of what I really feel I needed to say

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