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    Howdy all. I haven’t been around these parts in years. Seriously, years. I used to lurk like a madman when I was in high school, but you know how it goes…you’re told that you’re growing up and you make the mistake of believing it. So you buy into all the crap and the next thing that you know you’ve got a wife, a job and a mortgage and all you really want to do is get nostalgic by blasting some Dino cassettes on that old boombox that you never had the heart to throw away. So you dig the boombox out of the closet, throw in some YLAOM and think, Geez, I remember that there was that awesome FreakScene place that I used to love. So you make your way back to FreakScene and freesofree.net…like me.

    Anyway, this place feels much slower than it used to though I do ocasionally see some familiar names pop up.

    One concern, however, that, while not a FreakScene matter, does pertain to Dino and their many fans. What happened to freesofree? Geez, I used to love that place. Now I go there and it looks like no one’s posted in several years. Worse, I went to re-register and it no longer works. So that’s the end of the free bootlegs, huh? Anyone know what the deal is? I was dead set on finding a few J/Fog shows and they’re there, just not accessible to non members. Bummer.

    Anyway, enough whining. It’s great to see that this place is still going. I look forward to hanging around and reliving the youth I squandered on this place.



    Welcome back!



    Welcome back! 🙂
    I think @anthony was having some issues with spam at FreeSoFree.net so he locked down registration somewhat. Maybe he will re-open that piece soon.



    Welcome back. Unfortunately, it is a little dead around here now. Probably mostly due to the band not coming out with new material in three years, but that’s about to end. Fortunately, we do have this place and interesting things do come up every once in a while. So hang around and enjoy it!



    I know! I’m pumped. To be honest I was pretty impressed with the new single. Something tells me the album is going to be worth the long wait.



    Obseqio…said..”mostly due to the band not coming out with new material in three years” WHAT? I can’t believe that Farm came out three years ago!…How is that even possible? It seems like just last year. Oh my, I think time IS accelerating. I remember when Farm was coming out and we heard a few songs and it sounded so good and I was so happy but that really does seem like not that long ago. What’s happening? I suppose the better thing to say would be “What Happened?” Whatever happened is probably still happening at least in my mind.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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