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    Randy Jane

    Hello all! I just got back last night from California!   I miss it already and want to move back there  :'(
    Anyways, we flew out of Knoxville, TN to Atlanta GA..then from there straight to L.A. where my cousin was getting married. We spent the night there, very odd little city I must say….saw some hookers. (Didn’t buy any though). Right after the reception started, my wifes dad called and said he was in the parking lot to pick us up, so I had to hurry and say bye  :- Heidi’s dad and step mom drove us (Heidi Jamie [my bassist] and myself) up to Sacramento where we stayed for a little over a week. While there we had a VERY interesting time. We were in a very bad part of Sac. and there were two shootings. The first night, nothing happened and everything was great…we stayed at Heidis dads condo and there was nothing like that going to happen around there. The second night we satyed at Heidis sisters house and at about 3 a.m. there was about three gun shots about two to three streets over. That was a little weird, never been in that situation before…didn’t know what to think. The next night, we heard (again at 3 a.m.) 6 shots from one gun, about 5 seconds later 6 from another gun, and then one from a third gun. A van drove down our rode after that with its lights off and it was being chased by a truck…. :o I finally fell asleep right after they told me that about a week ago someone broke into there apartment and hid in their closet….yay. After that, the cops were patrolling that area pretty heavy. They caught two crack-head guys (litterally) stealling a Bronco. Stealing the Bronco took them a while, as they couldnt get it started, then they took time…actually three times to smoke crack behind the Bronco, then get back in it and chill a while, then they tried to get it started, and did this time. To add insult to injury, one of the guys got out and poo’d where the Bronco had been sitting….got back in, then left…but the cops caught them and returned the Bronco safely. Other than crazy crap happening, it WAS a fun trip. I got to see the cities I mentioned earlier, plus we went to San Fransisco and hung out on Pier 39 a while and viewed Alcatrazz from there and tried to see the Golden Gate bridge but it was a bit foggy. I also didn’t get to see Buckethead (he lives there)  :'( We went to "Old Sac"…the oldest part of Sacramento…I have cameras to develop, but theyre probably trashed as they went through every x-ray machiene I came to (4). If they turn out, I’ll post them somewhere for all to see.
    The way back home was fun…we flew from Sacramento, to L.A. to Las Vegas, to the Cinncinati airport….in Kentucky…? and from there back to Knoxville, and Jamies mom picked us up from there and drove us home (Johnson City).

    I bought a guitar on this trip (a Cort performer series…Jackson copy with Kahler bridge. As expected, I hate this bridge, can’t get it sat up for crap…..I’ll probably end up blocking it and routing for a Floyd Rose as this is meant for playing metal with). I got a Sonic Youth 7" Erase Errata and NIN vinyl of "The Hand That Feeds."

    That’s really all I can think of right now….bye……goddnight….R.J.



    "It`s been said before but it`s worth repeating
    No one could dream a place like California"
    -California by Jay Farrar

    Good story RJ



    hey sounds like home! sacramento is a fun ass city.. it is even more fun to get drunk in old town and go swimming in the river… i still dont know how i didnt drown.



    Sounds like a pleasing adventure, glad none of those bullets found a way into where you were staying… 8)


    Randy Jane

    for sure C.G.

    An update…..my wife told me she talked to her sister today and that last night there was a really big shooting in the apartments next to them. Like, there’s two feet…then a fence….two feet, and the apartments that got shot up.
    The second shooting, they found out..a woman got shot in the arm by a stray bullet. That’s not kool……they don’t need to be living there.

    I think we’re planning on moving back out to CA at some point….or just out of north east TN. I’m pushing for Nashville if still in TN, but as for CA, I’d LOVE to live in Berkley. Somewhere near Frisco would be nice, maybe I could visit there a lot and finally get to meet Mr. Buckethead!!!

    Anyways….I just had a 14 hour day at the Wendy burger……so sleep now consumes me……*fairy tale land*…………………..(R.J.).


    "Randy Jane " wrote:
    for sure C.G.
    ..or just out of north east TN. I’m pushing for Nashville if still in TN, but as for CA, I’d LOVE to live in Berkley. Somewhere near Frisco would be nice.

    My husband and I were thinking about moving to San Fransisco in the late 80’s. We have a few friends who live in Berkley …..
    I may be wrong but I think that us Southern folks can hardly afford to live out there. We bought this house in Georgia for $54,000 eleven years ago and it came with over 4 acres of land. When our friends from the west coast visit they always laugh at the amount of Space (land) we have, with peach and pear trees and pecan and walnut trees, grape vines, bluberry bushes. The woods and the creek. Our Mortgage payment was $350.00 per month (and is now paid off) which feels very safe. My rent in NYC was $2,000 per month(17 years ago)and my husbands best friend now pays $4,000 per month in BERKLEY of all places.
    The only way to live in San Francisco or NYC for that matter is to NOT have a familly.
    I would stay in TN perhaps Nashville is the way to go I kind of like Memphis but thats because the wild side of my family lives there and they know all the fun things to do.

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