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    Bucky Ramone

    Was shocked to read this news from the BBC web site :shock:

    Legendary radio DJ John Peel dies

    Veteran BBC broadcaster John Peel has died at the age of 65, while on holiday in Peru.
    Peel, whose radio career spanned 40 years, was on a working holiday in the resort of Cuzco with his wife Sheila when he suffered a heart attack.

    He was BBC Radio 1’s longest-serving DJ and in recent years had also presented Home Truths on Radio 4.

    Radio 1 controller Andy Parfitt said Peel’s contribution to modern music and culture was "immeasurable".

    :cry: :cry: :cry:




    :( :cry: :(



    :( :(

    He definitely promoted many many bands from the `60s to now.Many brits would`nt have gotten into alot of music without him plus the whole Peel sessions idea that included everyone from Hendrix to Sandy Denny to J.



    RIP :(

    Though i never heard any of his shows..



    sad news!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

    he was so unique and his radio shows were so full of the funniest, coolest and strangest music, and you could feel, he loved everything he played.

    He will be missed!!!!

    …from the BBC site:

    Celebrate John’s Life

    John Peel passed away on Monday 25th October. This week, to celebrate John’s life and the massive contribution he has made to UK music, we’re going to be playing Peel session tracks from the archives.

    If you have a favourite session track that you’d like to hear from the past 37 years of John’s career please request it below. We’ll do our best to play them over the next few nights.


    Also there’s a form to leave a tribute to John Peel



    Bucky Ramone
    "Aatos" wrote:
    RIP :(

    Though i never heard any of his shows..

    Peel’s huge impact on music (from BBC.co.uk)

    "People say, what’s gonna be the next big thing?" Peel once said. "But the pleasure for me is in not knowing. I like to be taken by surprise myself."


    wow what a loss to the world of music…. i could of swore i heard banshees howling in the trees last week… the world of radio has lost a giant….Rest in Peace Intrepid Warrior !!!! all those dead musicians have a great dee jay in heaven now to sort out all the shiite… say hey to Joe Strummer for me!!!



    the radio + tv have been full of john peel-related items since yesterday + rightly so … my husband told me the terible news when we were out to dinner + i have been so sad ever since then … he was a truly great man … there will only – ever – be one john peel …

    i didn’t listen to his show regularly, but i caught it from time to time (they had recently pushed his show back an hour, so he was on from 11 to 1 – pretty late for your average 9-to-5 worker :roll: )… + i always heard something new + interesting … his enthusiasm for music was without a doubt … i can’t believe he was 65 though … he seemed so much younger b/c he always kept such a fresh mind w/regards to music … i just wish i hadn’t taken his shows for granted …

    one of the other bbc DJs was on tv last night talking about john peel + he said he asked john peel how come so many people felt close to him thru the radio … + he said, he never spoke to the audience as if he was speaking to a crowd, he always spoke as if he was talking to an individual listener … + on refelection, that holds true …

    rest-in-peace john peel …



    Hope he got to see lots of wicked places in Peru…


    Bucky Ramone

    Tributes to John Peel by a lot of people (including Joey Burns [Calexico], Kevin Shields [MBV], from the Guardian)

    When I first listened to him, in Ireland – and I’ve still got loads of tapes of that music – the reception wasn’t very good and there was all this phasing, it made music sound much weirder than it was. Did that have an effect on me? That I heard all this great British music through distortion and phase? Very possibly.

    – Kevin Shields – My Bloody Valentrine


    Bucky Ramone

    A classic John Peel quote:

    I’ve heard it’s a sign of a healthy diet if it does. That’s Dinosaur Jr in session with Does It Float

    :lol: :wink:



    I heard, I was sad, I listened to "Teenage Kicks" twice in a row that day.

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