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    First of all, is it "Same Day" or "Sameday"?

    Anyway, it’s my favourite song ever. Well, maybe second favourite. The Stooges’ "Fun House" is still number 1, I guess. The weird thing about "Same Day" (or "Sameday") is that it only gets better and better every time I hear it.

    Question #2:
    J sings:
    "I got pissed but it’s God who gave me this"
    I love that line. Perhaps a dumb question, but how do you guys interpret that line? J’s interest in Ammachi (Amma) seems to suggest he’s a "believer", right? Like, everything happens for a reason. The pain, the suffering, the hardships, they are "gifts" from God? God gives us hardships for our benefit? Like, we’re supposed to grow from them? Is that what J is talking about here?

    Btw, I love that John Peel live version of the song, where Mike Watt sings backing vocals. His voice is much harder, you know, more masculine than Bob Pollard’s voice. He makes the song sound even better.



    deepsludge, that’s funny….I read the lyrics here on this site, and according to whoever put them up it’s "I got pissed but it’s God who gave me this". Click on "Band info" and then "lyrics" and "Sameday" to see for yourself.

    So, I figured those are the "offical" lyrics. I couldn’t make out the lyrics myself. That was why I searched for them on this site.

    Also, I searched the archive and found out that, in Feb. last year, this guy named toddo posted all the lyrics to More Light. He said: "i have the complete lyrics for the whole album more light…it is a special edition from japan"

    Well, here’s the offical "Same Day" lyric, according to him:

    i woke up suddenly you’re the one i love
    it’s the sameday, it’s the sameday
    i got pissed but it’s god who gave me this
    on the sameday it’s the sameday

    Better be grateful son
    its you who wanted my life
    here’s what you asked for
    do your best don’t mess with my life

    *dreamed a picture sent to me
    couldn’t hold it that was my life
    its sad, it’s sad to know you’re colder
    piece together you and me
    the gift means everything to my life
    be glad that no one told you
    rain on now that was my life
    bring them where they ought to be
    make a pile and call it my life

    lock the door and hit the floor groan that was my life
    now look at everything it’s beutiful that’s my life

    all a dream you can tell me what i mean
    it’s the sameday it’s the sameday
    judgements off gotta go with my first thought
    on the sameday it’s the sameday


    Here’s the link for you: http://www.freakscene.net/cgi-bin/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=7;t=000046

    Btw, I too have that Underworld show on CD. It’s really magnificent. I actually burned myself a copy of that show just last week. I’ve been listening to it pretty much everyday.

    Can I ask you a question about that show…I’m not an expert on guitars or guitarplaying, so I’m wondering…how does J shift from "normal" acoustic guitar sound to that amplified sound, that electric hard sound? I know, I sound like an idiot here but I have to ask, you know. Is there a guy backstage who helps him out or what? <img> Or does J do it with his foot?

    Anyway, J’s so funny in that show. "Play a song" <img>

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    Hey, I just went to the Knoxville show last night and witnessed all that you guys are talking about with the changes from acoustic to electric. It was cool to be that close and see how he was doing that. I was blown away, though, by how he would play the main chord to a song and would have some gadget that would record it and play it over and over. Maybe I sound like an idiot since I have no knowledge about guitars.
    Deepsludge, what is this Rolling Stone version of Same Day that you speak of? Is there any kind of website that I might be able to find it? Also, would either of you two be interested in trading for that live show that you guys were discussing? I want to get some live Fog shows. I’ve got plenty to trade, if either of you all are interested. Thanks.




    Just a question about the link above… I’m not a computer person, as you’ll soon find out. I know that I can download the songs (although I have no clue how to, I have friends who can show me), but I was wondering if these can be burned to a CD-R and be played on a CD player? I’m figuring that you’d need one of those CD players that plays MP3s. But maybe it can be converted?
    Oh, and when you said Rolling Stone version, I thought you meant the Rolling Stones. It kind of threw me off, but now I get it. Thanks.



    Hey there djm, You can burn MP3s off to an audio CD for listening—just make sure your CD burner is setup to create an audio disc rather than a data disc. I don’t get what you mean about "a CD player that plays MP3s", because if you’re burning the stuff off onto a disc then you basically have made a CD. You’re not dealing with MP3s anymore. When you talk about playing an MP3 it usually means you’re playing the file itself, like with Winamp or Realplayer or whatever, and not playing something burned off on a CD. So after I have burned my MP3s onto a CD I can stick them in any ol’ audio CD player and they will play fine. I hope this helps.



    deepsludge… you’re favourite version of "Same Day" is the Rolling Stone version?! <img> But that version doesn’t have any backing vocals! Those backing vocals, either Pollard’s (on the album) or Watt’s (live shows) are fantastic.

    However, the Rolling Stone version of "Blowing It" is a lot better than the studio version. The studio version (Green Mind version) is of course excellent but the RS version is my favourite version.

    Btw… I’ve seen some setlists, J-penned setlists, where "Blowing It" is called "Blowing Me". How come?

    djm409… J’s acoustic show at the Underworld in London (September 2000) is available here:

    You can watch the whole show (73 minutes or so) by clicking on the link CLICK HERE under "Watch the Broadcast". It’s a real audio stream and it’s bloody good. <img> Perfect picture and sound quality.
    Even though I’m no tech-head I managed to download that file (155 MB), using a program called Stream box. Then I used Stream box Ripper to convert the real audio file to MP3. Then I burned that big MP3 file (which contained the whole show) to a CD.

    You can download Stream Box here:


    select the vcr.exe program from where you installed it — this will stop it having to do online checks. Run vcr.exe and fill in some
    random crap at the start.

    Now when you want to download a RealMedia file, copy the URL (address) and click on the + icon (second from left, near the top) in StreamBox. If you’re lucky, it’ll download right away, but quite often you have to get techy and dig out the address yourself, which can be very awkward and annoying — they often try to generate them from Javascript and stuff, so you can’t read the
    proper address. One tip: if you do a download that only produces a very small .rm or .ram file, try opening it in NotePad, and you’ll often find an
    address like the one below. Anyway, for this gig, select this and copy it:

    … then click on the + icon in StreamBox — it should start downloading.
    Note that the times it gives (eg. 15 hours) are a load of crap, but it is a very large file. It also "times out" a lot. If you see a message in
    the Status box saying something like "Attempts passed", quit StreamBox and run it again — ot should start re-downloading from where it left off…
    note also that it downloads to the Received folder within StreamBox’s own folder by default — you can change this in the View menu’s Settings

    I think you can download Stream box Ripper (the program that lets you convert real audio files to MP3) here:


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    deepsludge, yeah, there’s something about that Rolling Stone studio in Chicago. You really nail it. Those amp settings. I’ve actually been thinking about how great it would be if J (or anyone of my favourite artists) recorded a whole album in that studio, because that sound is so amazing. As I said, the version of "Blowing It" he recorded in that studio is a little piece of heaven. So wonderful. <img> I thought to myself when I heard that version for the first time that, if I ever got the chance to record an album, I’d like to record it in that RS studio.

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font> Thanks for the conversion lesson.
    </font><hr></blockquote><font><img> Well, basically, I just copied all that information from a Frank Black mailing list. A guy named James gave me those instructions last year. And it worked for me, so I just thought I should share it here with you. Even though most of you are probably experts when it comes to that stuff – I mean, converting and ripping, etc.

    It’s illegal though. <img>

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    Streambox Ripper (and possibly Streambox VCR capture program as well) were originally offered by Streambox as legitimate software products. It appears they got threatened by a lawsuit – I’m guessing some type of copyright infringement bugaboo – and had to take them off the US market and disable the "legit" DL sites and put up all those "Illegal" warnings. you can still find DL sites for Streambox programs though, you just have to search a little bit.



    Well, given that the purpose of VCR and Ripper is to capture streams (i.e. take stuff that you’re not supposed to have) and turn them into MP3s and other sharable formats, I’m sure there are a number of copyright arguments that can be made, and some from other fields of law as well (like potential criminal violation for stealing a stream). There are usually a lot of arguments on both sides of the issue when it comes to Internet and software stuff because it’s a new technology, etc. However, companies often give up or settle fairly fast when they don’t have the resources to tie up in paying for a lawsuit and/or don’t want to screw up potential good business relationships by getting into a fight with a larger and better-connected software firm.



    and by the way, the music industry is attempting to bury mass file sharing (i.e. napster, audiogalaxy) and cd rippers as fast as it possibly can…actually the industry is trying to just overcome these things technologically because the courts move slower than technology does, so some kind of anti-copying device is the best solution—sure some people will hack it but most won’t bother. private file sharing will probably be around for a long time, ’cause it’s too costly to go out and bust every private file share, but if the music industry had the resources they’d get rid of every private file share too.



    Good God, I think I’d end up on the damn computer all day if I tried to figure out all the shit you explained to me about how to burn CDs… and I would still probably end up with a blank CD! I really appreciate you guys helping me out with that problem. Hopefully I’ll be well on my way to burning some more great shows.

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