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    Hi. You might have seen my post below, now im curious about the Deep Wound discography. I know theres the 7" which was released a couple of years ago on cd with the ice cream cone on the cover, i think its self titled. a website (gemm.com) has some 7"s for sale called "I Saw It" and "American Style". anyone know anything about these? basically im curious about what was released by Deep Wound, and what is rare. I always thought the self titled 7" was rare, but now im not sure



    hey fusta, here‘s a quite extended Deep Wound bio with lots of info about the record releases:

    They recorded one classic EP at Radiobeat in Boston in the summer of 1983 [and if you’re wondering what the hell that is on the cover, as I did, then I can tell you it’s a hand holding a ice-cream cone filled with slugs].
    Deep Wound also contributed with two tracks [Time To Stand and You’re False] to the 1984 compilation Bands That Could Be God before splitting up in 1984.

    …all in all, there are 5 records in their discography list – if anyone has furter info about DW releases, would be cool if this list could be completed/corrected :) 8) :!:

    – Deep Wound American Style [unknown label, Demo, 1982]
    Demo recorded in 1982 in J’s basement. Bootleg.

    – Deep Wound [Radiobeat, EP 1983]
    Ice cone cover

    – Bands That Could Be God [Compilation, Radiobeat, 1984]
    including 2 Deep Wound tracks: Time To Stand, You’re False

    – Deep Wound CD [Lost & Found Records, 1997]
    Has the EP and some tracks from the American Style demo. Bootleg.

    – Deep Wound upcoming reissue CD [2003, not yet released]
    more info: Here
    …if anyone has got some Deep Wound pics: They’re needed for the reissue!
    more info: Here

    I’m not sure about the "I saw it" record on gemm.com but I guess, it’s the self-titled EP out of 1983, as the format is 7" and not CD and first song there is ‘I saw it’, but why "reissue" … :? :?:

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