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    I am still on the lookout for several CD’s, to complete my collection.
    Below is a list of what i currently own.
    I am obviously a serious; fan of J’s.
    Any help, that anyone could assist me in.
    Would above all, be greatly appreciated.

    Dinosaur Albums

    Dinosaur Jr
    You’re living all over me
    Green Mind
    Where You Been
    Without A Sound
    Hand It Over
    Whatever’s Cool With Me
    BBC In Session
    Martin And Me
    More Light

    Dinosaur Singles

    Just Like Heaven
    Little Fury Things
    Freak Scene
    I Don’t Think So (England)
    Feel The Pain (England)
    Get Me (England)
    Where’d You Go (Germany)
    Take A Run At The Sun
    Out There (Limited Edition 2Cd Set)

    Dinosaur Live Albums

    Monsters Eat Orpheum
    U.S.A. 1991
    Keep The Freak Scene
    Quest (Japan)
    Keeblin’ (Australasian Tour 2Cd Set)


    Gas Food Lodging
    Nothing Short Of Total War
    Germs Tribute
    Beat The Retreat (Richard Thompson Tribute)
    Kiss My Ass (Kiss Tribute)
    Just Say Anything
    Melrose Place (Sound Track)
    Ball-Hog Or Tugboat (Mike Watt)
    Year Of Mondays (Mike Johnson)

    I am well aware that there are several other CD’s that i do not own.
    If anyone else could let me know about any other titles.
    And of course, where i might be able to get these titles.
    Again, i would be greatly appreciated.

    With all thanks.





    You definitely have quite the collection, I would kill for the 2cd Out There….ok kill is a bit much but hey what can you do. I picked up this cd that Mascis plays drums on Zeke Fiddler, WaterProof on spinART records, recorded in Amherst Massatucky 1991-1993. Apparently some art work by Kurt Fedora on cover. Its definitely not Dinosaur Jr but nice to hear J playing drums, George Berz also plays drums.




    you oughta get the Deep Wound album! It totally rocks! Here’s a link to a norwegian online store who has it.
    It costs 139 nkr, -which is about 15 dollars. Gotta say you got a really nice collection there!

    "Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning. Just find someone who’s turning. And you will come around."
    -Neil Young



    It seems like you’re collecting any albums, that J has any kind of participation in. So, in case you didnt already know, J drums on two tracks for Mark Lanegan’s second solo album, Whiskey For The Holy Ghost (Mike Johnson is Lanegan’s main collaborator and Fedora also appears). J also plays piano on one track off of Lanegan’s third album, Scraps At Midnight.

    Also, there was a drum compilation CD, The Flyin Traps, which features drummers like Matt Cameron, Stephen Perkins, and J Mascis…




    How come no vinyl? There’s some great bonus tracks and lots of 10" and 7" (it’s quite easy to get things like the 7" of Bulbs of Passion/Repulsion from record fairs over here). For the 2cd set of Out There (is that the one with the stickers?) there is also a 10" vinyl disc with bonus tracks.

    Start Choppin’ 10" vinyl picture disc is also well worth picking up. That was out on cd too – didn’t see it on your list. Good luck!

    Hah! Now that I’ve got $100 million to splash around, I’ll be making a few improvements.

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    I didn’t see ‘A Time Between’ (tribute to the Byrds) and ‘The Bridge’ (tribute to Neil Young) on your list. Maybe I just missed them. There is a Dinosaur cover on each one of those albums. I think you can only get the Byrds one on vinyl now though.



    Well, I´ve got "the Wagon" as a single. You can have it if you want, though I´ve got to warn you that the B-side is rather disappointing.

    if you don’t find what you are looking for, ask for it



    hey, I have a question regarding that site selling deep wound. One, I think it’s amazing that it’s still for sale. But, not speaking norwegien, I have no clue what this site is selling, or how to buy it. is it selling a cd, tape or record? can I get it shipped to the usa?



    It’s a cd, and yes they will ship to the US.
    Just type Deep Wound in the search box, then press the button labelled "søk"(search.) You will now be transported to the page containing the cd. Once there, -press "kjøp"(buy.) Then you fill in adress, method of payment and so on. If you have more questions I’d advice you to send the shop a mail at [email protected]

    "Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning. Just find someone who’s turning. And you will come around."
    -Neil Young



    Hey, if you don’t already know, check out Judgement night soundtrack. It’s Dinosaur Jr playing a song teamed up with some other rap band. Other cool bands on there include Mudhoney, Sonic Youth, Pearl Jam.




    Hey, can some one tell me the track listing for the 2cd ‘out there’ single?

    "Hey" and "Mikes gonna play a little something now" – The only things J said when I got to see him in concert.



    Hey getmythumb,

    CD 2 tracks are Out There, Get Me (peel session) Severed Lips (goodier session) and finally Thumb (goodier session)


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