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    If it’s already posted, I apoligize.

    J Mascis is an under-celebrated figure in the pantheon of ’90s American rock. As singer, songwriter and guitarist in Dinosaur Jr, the band he’d fronted since 1983, he helped to shape the guitar sound which was to define US underground rock for a decade. The group split three years ago, after eight albums, but Mascis’s new outfit The Fog adhere tightly to their template of hard, reverb-heavy, yet fluent guitar arabesques topped by husky, yearning, sorely troubled vocals. It’s not a million miles from Nirvana : Cobain, unsurprisingly, was a Mascis fan – and, like that band, tracks such as All The Girls and I’m Not Fine hide killer harmonies among the fuzzy squall. Mascis is an original, and this is a gem.
    Rating: 4 stars
    Reviewed by Ian Gittins

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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