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    from the great Sir Demon Brown @Corndogs.org

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font> Using a program called ASFRecorder, I was able to capture most the Asheton Asheton Mascis Watt gig streaming from the Pukkel Pop Festival in Belgium. It’s a Stooges tribute show. The gig took place August 24, 2002. 48 minutes long. I’m going to try to convert the video to some other formats and trim the songs out at some point. For now it’s just one big hunk. It’s an ASF file (that’s Window Media format). Total file size is roughly 55 megs. The video starts in middle of Loose (sorry.. it took me awhile figure out the stream location) and runs until the end of the show. It’s not stellar quality, but it’s pretty wild to see all the camera angles and stuff. </font><hr></blockquote><font>You can Download it there!!!



    Thanks Jeremiah!will check it out later.



    Really nice to hear that you got the show to share Jeremiah. Not sure if I’m willing to let my computer run for two days to download it at this point, but I am considering it.

    I’m thinkg I may need to upgrade to DSL and this will give me a reason. <img>

    Thanks, Chris


    expect nothing

    well i only got shitty dial up but im gonna give it a go im desperate but i dunno if i’ll get it. Thanks for the link <img>



    In a jar,

    Let me know how it does with your dial up. I’m not sure the family and friends would like it if I let it download for two days since I only have the one phone line.

    Chris <img>



    good to know that a recording of the Pukkelpop gig exists <img>
    really fine that someone recorded it and shares it with us <img> , thanx for the info

    with my current connection, it would take years to d/l it, but I will get back to it when I finally have DSL


    expect nothing

    i got it i left it over night <img> didnt take 2 days hehe dont worry took about 4hrs i think and totally worth it <img>

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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