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    chris c.

    saw j and the fog in prov, RI april 6th at the tiny met cafe, which is connected to lupo’s, a modest size nightclub. the last time j played lupos it was dead- like 400 people (cap about 1200), so this time it was the met- a dream for me literally. i always hoped he would tear the walls down of the met with those tasty guitar squalls. no problem getting front and center- and this time it was nearly sold out, which added to the vibe. you dont understand- a j/dino show is an event and i tend to lose my mind, hold back tears from deja vu on certain songs, and usually just close my eyes and let the guitars rattle my brain while never peeping at the set list- it’s like x mas when j comes to town- why peek at the presents?!!! sorry i’m rambling- anyway show was tight. played more watt stuff(5 songs) than expected, and it even sounded better than the halloween show i caught in boston (when watt sang through a pumpkin the entire show, then hummed it into the crowd). highlights- what j did to ammaring and waistin defies explanation. the pedal stomps during the latter were incredible and transformed the breezy album version into a deafening solo, similar to what he does with thumb and get me live. no thumb this time (which i continuously hooted for) but get me made the list and had the (mostly clueless) crowd howling in appreciation. people walked out when the gorgeous ammaring solo filled the room (a handful of chicks- whaddya expect). budge was also a pleasnt surprise,and i cant get enough of watt screaming through little fury, although i am a HUGE mike johnson fan. he closed the set with the wagon and the encore with the absolute best effects-laden version of freak i’ve ever seen or heard. j was clinching his teeth during solos and totally rocking out- his body language on freak scene closed out one of the best nites of my concert going life, and i’m still kicking myself for chickening out of the 3 hour drive to amherst the next nite for the hometown show.



    Yeah I went to the Met Cafe show also in Providence Rhode Island, HickoryWind you are right, J’s solos were amazing. I was also front and Center, they had the floor monitors turned directly toward the crowd, my ears rang for the next 4 days. That my friends is NO exageration. I talked to J before and after the show, watt and berz after the show. I got one of the setlists which all 3 graciously signed, along with a signed Geroge Berz size 2b (huge) drum stick. J’s brother’s band the Warblers were ok. I could tell J’d bro was using J’s head and cab for his amp. The second band Elf Power was amazing, blew me away, I talked to them too after the show, super nice. But J Mascis and The Fog took the cake. Although I could tell J was having prblems with his effects (they sounded horrid) he just shrugged his soulders to watt after trying to fix them and they began their set. Well I’ll stop rambling. I’ll read you the set list exactly as it says it on mine;

      <LI>Red + Black<LI>Blowin<LI>Sameday<LI>Back B4<LI>Get ME<LI>Fury<LI>All The Girls<LI>BUDGE<LI>Waistin<LI>Not Right<LI>AMMA<LI>Wagon<LI>—-<LI>Had it<LI>Freak<LI>TV EYE
      P.S. I also wish I would’ve drove the next night to see the home show in Amherst

    Dave K

    Hey, I went to the Prov show too. Came in from CT ‘Alone’. My friends just don’t understand J / Dino Jr. Great show, also kicking myself for not going to Amherst, but my ears needed a break…..

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