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    fata morgana

    It is hard to complete this message with a blinding headache, but here it goes. The last time I saw J. solo, I was in a bad mood and his humour was the one thing that picked me up. This time the mood was sad, the show started a bit late in the evening, some people in the back were booing Chris Brokaw, but those near the stage took time to listen–there was a fight at the front of the stage at the beginning of J.’s set… Unfortunately, I do not have a set list (and pardon me, I might be wrong on some counts here) but I know he played The Wagon, Blowing it, Thumb, Sameday, Waistin, Ammaring, alone, repulsion, what else is new?– probably close to the same thing as the Albany show. If someone would like to complete the setlist for this show, that would be great (damn bleedin’ headache!)




    Thanks for the info about the show. Sorry to hear about a fight at the start of J’s set. Can’t we all just get along? <img>

    I would love to know if J said anything about the fight. Although depending on the situation sometimes it is just better to let the bouncers do the talking and escorting of the peeps that can’t play well with others.

    If anyone wants to fill us in on other accounts, please do so, we would love to read them.

    Take care all you good natured Freakscene.net friends. <img> Chris



    migraines=bane of my existence, so believe me i know of the pain you deal with… however what i really wanna know is was j involved in this fisticuffs at the show? or did he at least use his guitar to pound the offenders on the head? yar it’s true i got desperado on the brain. hey why do ya think the mood was so gloomy?
    dude tony, i am so sorry yours was kinda like that too huh?



    Priss-I`m a migraine sufferer as well,take care,thanks for the review;I heard before RI was a tough place,that`s problably why bands from there travel to Boston to play.



    hey priss, thanks for the review! <img> Always nice to hear new reviews of J’s recent shows – seems, I can’t get enough of them <img>
    And those rowdies shouldn’t fight, they should listen ! <img>
    hope, your head is doing better already <img>



    Hey Priss,

    Thanks for the review, sounds like a great show <img> I will never understand fighting at shows, have seen it frequently though <img> some people just can’t handle their liquor, think they would figure that out at some point <img>

    Always cool to have another Canadian Mascis fan on the boards/going to shows <img>

    Hope your migrane has passed, that has to suck in a huge way. Thanks again for posting while feeling the pain, appreciate it.

    Allison <img>


    fata morgana

    hello everyone,
    I am glad I am not alone in my migrain suffering (post traumatic stress, I guess…) although they are a lot less frequent now, they still kick in once in a while (like a blunt object across the head). But this fight I was talking about was a small fight, well, more like a "hey, you touched my girlfriend!" type of fight… But everyone at the front knocked some sense into this guy (not literally) and so he stopped his onerous behavior.
    Cheers, all of you!

    There’s some scenery I’m missing. There’s a piece I can’t undo. I remember when I really blew it, I wish I woulda thought of you.—Ammaring

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