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    I have a new forum (community) set up on my home web page http://www.robneary.com that offers musicians a resource for helping them write songs and to promoting their bands for free!

    The idea came about as i was fed up of not finding a site that offered both promoting your band as well as learning about the music industry .

    There is loads of info on music publicity and promotion and song writing tips and skills and home studio recording etc…!

    Advertise your band and songs links today!


    Here’s a taste of the topics on there already!

    Musicians bible!

    Promote your band here!
    Got a band or solo project ,promote it here! Just add a link and

    Guitarist chat
    Guitarist chat tips and nonsense

    Bassist chat
    Forum for Bassist’s to chat

    Drummer chat
    Drummer chat forum

    Vocalist chat
    Singers be heard and swap ideas and stuff

    keyboard chat
    Keyboard chat forum

    Music recording tips
    Share home and pro recording tips

    Songwriting tips
    Share your song writing skills here!

    Music promotion tips
    tips and share your views on music promotion…

    A & R and Record Labels
    Share your knowledge of A&R and record companies here.

    Musicians wanted/offered

    Guitarist required
    Need a guitarist? advertise here!

    Bassist required
    Need a bassist? advertise here!

    Drummer required
    Need a drummer? advertise here!

    Singer required
    Need a singer? advertise here!

    Other types of musicians
    Need something different from the above?Advertise here you may get a reply

    General chat

    Hard rock
    Want to talk about hard rock & Rock music 80’s ,90’s and now

    Born to Shred

    If you have 10 fingers and no speed limited…this is the guitar page for you! (fans of Steve vai,Satch etc…)

    Heavy Metal
    From Maiden to Manson…..

    More styles to be added…(pop etc…)

    Hopefully there should be something there for everybody to CHAT,PROMOTE AND LEARN!




    You can also add your links to my site too!

    Weekly Gear Give-Away!$1,000.00 In Top Name Equipment!

    I was hunting around for some bargains yestersday on the web and found this music competition giveaway!…….

    Weekly Gear Give-Away!
    Up To $1,000.00 In Top Name Equipment!

    http://www.robneary.com/home.html click here for details!

    I also found some good money off coupons and sale stuff through different music websites so i stuck them on my site!

    I was gutted as i live in the UK :cry: and it’s for US residents…..so i cant enter!

    so you guys go for it!

    Best wishes





    Hi Guy’s..

    Just following up on the email i sent about getting paid from having a music website…

    To prove it works …i just got this…this morning!

    I have also set up a website which tells you about various ways to make money from your website if it is music related…


    Hope this helps!!



    Just an email to let you know that 2 people have signed up
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    Hope this helps!!



    Among all the guitar sites out there — this is truly number one and actually DOES give out cheques each and every month!

    If you have a music related web sit and can do with a bit of extra cash — go to:


    ….But don’t hesitate. I’ve sent you this e-mail because we’re kicking ourselves for not joining sooner, and as a valued subscriber, I don’t want you to lose out by making this same mistake.

    All the best,



    How’s this as proof!


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