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    ok, so we werent allowed to videotape ANY of the dinosaur jr shows this year because supposedly they were all being videotaped for the DVD, now they tell us only the upcoming shows in NYC will be videotaped for the DVD. i dont get it. so the other shows werent videotaped?? no fans videotaped them i guess, cause we were told not to, so none of those shows will be available to trade or anything???

    this sounds familiar though, we were also told we were getting 2 disc deluxe versions of the first 3 dino albums, with unreleased songs and such, and that the first dino album was gonna have all deep wounds back catalog, and the other 2 would have unheard stuff, but they failed on this promise too

    who is running things for dinosaur jr??? stop lying to us, please!! im still not believing this DVD will happen til its in my hand. and by next spring?? haha, better chance we’ll see it spring of 2007 or 2008



    yeah i was very distraught about the no taping last tour.. hopefully the dvd will have all the songs and live up to all this madness..

    most band dvd’s dont deliver the way you want them to..



    I may be having memory problems, but I don’t remember being promised double discs of all Dino Records, that included unreleased bonus material. They did take awhile to come out, think they were first supposed to come out thru Dave Sweetapple, I remember he asked fans to send in all kinds of old pics to help with the booklets for the reissues. The Deep Wound is being released on Baked Goods, here’s the thread on FreakScene…link to Deepwound info, not sure it’s available yet.

    I’m hoping they release the DVD in early 2006, as all the press has been saying, would be the best time to release it. I’m hoping that the DVD includes the soon to be recorded live shows, extras from all the shows taped thru the summer, backstage stuff, interviews with all the guys, etc etc. When the DVD info was initially released people were not pleased about using different songs from different shows to piece together a whole set of all songs played, there was talk of how that kind of patched together set would be pleasing but would lose the continuity/flow of a whole show. I’m wondering if that turned out to be true, but hey, people get a few more shows out of the deal…

    Fingers crossed everyone will be pleased with the results, I’m certainly looking forward to the DVD…

    Dinosaur Jr. Filming Tour For DVD, date: november 24, 2005

    Dinosaur Jr. – who has never before released a DVD – has finally announced plans to issue an official Dinosaur Jr. DVD release. This full length concert DVD, which will feature the band in its original line-up, will be filmed at New York’s legendary Irving Plaza on December 2-3, and at other shows along the band’s Fall Tour. The DVD will be directed by Gold In Berlin, which is run by Mascis’ own brother in-law, German filmmaker Phillip Virus. With unfettered access to this famously elusive band, fans can expect complete backstage access to Dinosaur Jr.’s recent reunion tour, one-on-one interviews, behind the scenes goings-on and a full set of performances of Dinosaur Jr. favorites. The DVD will be packed with bonus materials that any fan of the band – seasoned or brand new – will find thrilling and entertaining. Look for the DVD to be released during the first half of 2006.

    In spring of 2005 the original members of Dinosaur Jr. — J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph — announced they would play their first shows together in fifteen years; one of music’s most celebrated alternative rock pioneers, who split abruptly after only three albums, would roam again. Avid fans of the band knew that the impossible had happened – the reunion of J and Lou seemed as likely as aliens landing, music lovers quietly anticipated a rare second chance to see the legendary live show they had regretfully missed over a decade before, and young listeners, too young to have been there for the first time around, lined up for venue entrance like the generation before them.



    Seems I did have a bit of a memory lapse

    I found some info on FreakScene from way back related to the reissues, originally to be released on Surefire. According to pitchforks info Fossils was supposed to be included with the reissues, the Deep Wound tracks on the pitchfork list are just a wishlist of what they hoped for the reissued DW. Surefire was also requesting people send in high quality recordings of DW or Dino to be included on the reissues. Not sure what happened to that idea with the move to Merge for the reissues. I remember reading that J hated listening to bootlegs, guess that could have had something to do with it, as well FreesoFree.net pretty much has all the Dino Jr live stuff one could ever want… 8)

    Freakscenes pitchfork info on reissues

    Freakscene info on reissues

    As previously posted here, we are still looking for items to be added to the Dinosaur ReIssues.

    What is needed?
    Lou/Murph era items of this nature.
    Vintage Posters and Pictures
    Good Quality Video
    Good Quality Live Recordings

    Thanks to everyone that has replied to this post or by email with offerings so far! We will be contacting you over the next few days.
    If you have something you think would make a nice addition to these reissues, PLEASE let us know ASAP:!:



    well, i’m excited about the DVD … they’ve recorded a load of shows now … i wonder if they’re going to pick the best bits from all the recordings – or if the other ones didn’t work out so well ! :D



    like yall-i am looking forward to the dvd(s) but i think my hopes are too high.
    i’m just glad i got to see the O G DINOSAUR this year and nothing beats a live show-specially w/ these guys. a dvd or any other reproduction can only approximate something as huge and transcendent as a DINOSAUR show.
    s 8)



    Ah yes, I too have impossibly high hopes for the DVD release. What would be even cooler to me would be a high quality CD release of that new live stuff(c’mon double disk!).
    Any word on a release date yet? "Early 2006" is all I can find.



    I’ll try and get some clarification from The Bass Player tomorrow. I’m confused as well after seeing all the recording at Spaceland, Milwaukee, Lollapalooza & London Koko.

    Odds are that Lou won’t know what the F is going on either ! :D


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