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    Hey All,
    Gotta pretty neat story, to me at least.
    Found out a few months ago that Dino was playing a show in a small club about 1.5 hours away from me. I rounded up a few people including my wife and 7 year old son (both fans) and we bought tickets. Well the show was on my 34th birthday so we decided to make a party of it, get hotel rooms and really rock it out.

    We arrive in Lancaster PA. and head to a local brew pub. We eat and drink a bit and head back to our hotel to get ready for the show that is a couple blocks away. My wife and I head outside so I can have a cig and my phone rings. My friend Mandy says "I think the drummer is in your brothers room". Turns out not only are we in the same hotel as them but on the same floor! My older brother who is new to dino and just getting into the catalog had Beyond blaring in his room while playing my guitar. A knock on his door and in walks Murph asking if he was a fan. He of course invites him in for a beer and he accepts. I bust in, 3 sheets to the wind to find Murph conversing with my my son. I do my normal fan-boy Q&A and he hangs out for like an hour. He calls Lou to come down but he is sick ( I did see Lou getting off an elevator, called his name and said hello and waved but was on the phone) and Murph signs my guitar. Even my son seemed to impressed him by just attending the show but also naming song titles when asked what his favorites are.

    He has to head out.

    We go to the Show and it is fantastic. Mike Watt is amazing and Dino just blows the roof off the place.

    I head back to the hotel with my shirts and records and head up to my room. My Wife and Son are already in bed so I step out the door and see J. I try to assemble my words but the mixture of alcohol and meeting my #1 guitar hero of all time make me appear to be a bigger fool than I actually am. We have a bit of small talk, tell him how big of an influence he is to me. He takes a pic with me, signs my guitar shakes my hand and leaves.

    It really blew me away that these guys would take time out of their day to make a memory for us that will last forever.
    It truly was one of the top 20 days of my life and thought you guys would enjoy hearing about it.




    sweet mate.



    That’s awesome!



    It just so nice to love a band that have time for the fans! Excellent story! :D



    That is very cool! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Birthday too btw :)



    Cool story indeed



    i have a cool story but i never got around to posting the full thing. so here it is:
    i was so bummed that i couldn’t get tickets to the akron show because it sold out that my mother took me with her to new york to see them in buffalo. when i was there i talked to the singer from awesome color for a while before they played. during awesome colors set they dedicated free man to me and asked for a request, which they forgot how to play. after that i decided to go talk to the drummer when i saw her walk out about whether or not they could get me into the akron show. she told me to talk to the rest of them and i did. and they got me in. after dinosaur played(which was righteous!) i told awesome color good bye and went back to cincinnati in a huge snow storm.

    so i go with my friend a few days later to akron and we go to the hotel and all that stuff before we went to the show. we went there and the people their forgot to right a +1 by my name on the guest list so i had to call derek and they settled all that stuff. i talked to them for a while and then watched them and dino played. while murph was messing with his kit before they played i noticed the drummer from the black keys at the bar. i nodded and he nodded back. then dino played and it was fucking incredible. lou and murph played imagination blind because j’s power went out during pick me up. after the show we go out to the smokers area and talk to derek some more. he bummed like 5 ciggarettes from my friend and walked off behind a dumpster area. we stayed for a couple minutes then looked behind there to see derek and allison. i looked to the right and lou was standing there. i noticed j and the black keys drummer talking with some roadies but i figured j didn’t wanna be bothered so i talked with lou and awesome color for like an hour before awesome color had to go home and lou had to meet his wife n kid. my friend and i smoked a little bit with awesome color before they left. what was hilarious was the black keys drummer walked by as i was inhaling and nodded at me. then murph walked through and i exchanged hellos with him.

    sorry if that was hard to read but i didn’t try to write perfectly.

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