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    Everyone… Jmascis.com is going to have a lot of fan-friendly features starting NOW!!! Starting today fans of J have the opportunity to purchase tickets through an exclusive pre-sale for West Coast J Mascis and the Fog dates coming up (all dates will be announced this week!)

    You save money on service fees and you guarantee yourself entrance to these shows. Come out and support J with the new line-up of the Fog!!! More album updates will be posted soon too…. Thanks to everyone at Freak Scene for your support of J!



    Definitely a cool plan :aliensmile:

    Looks like the first couple dates are up on J Mascis.com, early tickets go on sale on April 14th-17

    dates available…

    June 5, Crystal Ballroom, Portland Or
    June 11, House of Blues, Anaheim, CA
    June 12, House of Blues, Los Angeles, Ca

    Keeping my fingers crossed a midwest show is announced at some point… :aliensmile:

    Get those tickets early Freaks, save yourself some cash & enjoy the show!



    great to hear about the new ticket shop, and also about the new series of J & the Fog gigs :mrgreen:
    … I’m so looking forward to reviews and any sights & sounds, which will hopefully be brought here! :idea: :D


    mike williamson

    It must be a MAC thing, but all the text at JMASCIS.COM is pushed WAAAAAAY over to the right side. On the home page, half of the tour pre-sale info is covered up by that picture of J holding up the tour dates and most of the page is just plain blank.

    Anyone else having this problem?


    PS: I was able to see enough to click on the link and buy my tix for the shows, so that’s good news.



    yes … it’s a mac thing … i take it you use IE 5 ? that’s where jeremiah thinks the problem lies … :( … if you want to read more about it you could check out the jmascis.com mini launch thread which can be found under community annoucements … but as a mac user myself, it’s good to hear you can still access the discounts … :D

    my question is … does this reduced fee apply to US shows ? or if/when j + the guys make it across the pond will it apply over here too ??

    either way, it’s a great idea … :aliensmile: :mrgreen: :aliensmile:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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