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    I personally feel these two posts from other forum’s make me happy when I read them. So I thought I would share them with "Freakscene"

    I forget, I think this is from an Engine Room BB

    Posted by Cecília (but you can call me Claire) on May 11, 1999 at 07:58:53:

    In Reply to: Re: J Mascis posted by Erinn Cunningham on June 13, 1998 at 00:54:34:

    Well, dear J. Mascis. I’m from Brazil, and the band Dinosaur Jr makes me happy when I’m sad. And makes me very sad when I want to be sad. My boyfriend, Juliano, loves you and he plays some of your musics. Sorry if I’m writing in a wrong way. I’d love to receive an e-mail from you. Tell me about your life, if you want. Tell me about your friendship with the people of Sonic Youth, other band that I (and Juliano) love. I love your voice, you have talent. Thank for your existence. I expect your e-mail, (please…). Have a good day (or night). Bye, bye… Ciça

    Yeah, J can you e-mail the Stefka and tell me about your life, if you want. :roll: :lol: As far as J’s existance we would need to express gratitude to his parents and the moment of passion that brought us the J.

    another favorite
    How do I get in touch with J Mascis?

    and the answer………

    J. lives in a secluded home in the wilderness of Amhurst MA accesible only by hovercraft. He is currently buried underground hibernating through the summer…

    I have another but I can’t get to that page.
    but Cecilia’s post is great.



    got to it:

    April 20, 2005
    I just found out that Dinosaur Jr. a) just got back together with their original lineup and b) played on the Late Late Show the other night. Anyone know where I could find a video of said performance?

    Also, they must have really buried the hatchet to get back together. I remember reading an interview with Lou Barlow a few years back where he said his dream was to play on SNL and behead J Mascis with his guitar before killing himself live on TV.
    posted by emptybowl to media & arts at 6:41 AM PST ( Dinosaur Jr. reunion grunge unlikely )

    This is from a site called ask Metafilter.

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