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    I’ve recently joined one of those journal-type websites, where each member can create her/his own page. I would like to put up a picture or two on mine, but on this particular site you can only do that by posting a direct link to the pic.

    I don’t have a website, and I don’t currently want one. But is there any kind of site that offers free image support, so I can link to my pics? I looked into yahoo & the like, but they won’t allow me to link JUST to the picture; the link is to the whole page (including banners, ads, etc).

    If any of you computer literate people can figure out what I’m attempting to describe, please help if you can!

    thanks so much,



    Also, I’d be willing to post a l’il freakscene banner, if anyone can tell me how.

    See Rosa attempt to create bizarre online art!



    Good lord. Is that you, natty dread?

    Let’s leave my cat out of this <img>

    I just need a place to store the pics. Are there sites that host that kind of thing?




    Thanks tony; & thanks everyone else who offered to help (you know who you are <img> ).

    I spent a few tedious hours on the web, and finally found a nice, secure program that will host my pics for free. They do stick their little URL on the bottoms of the images, but it’s not garish. I can deal.

    Now I’m tempted to get all jpeg-happy on freakscene….think I’ll spare everyone though <img>

    thanks again, really appreciate everyone’s consideration–




    rosa, if you need some space, i’ll hook you up with some legit web space for free if you wish. give you like a meg or so. let me know please.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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